Research News

Dr. R. Douglas Fields is a pioneer on nervous system development, plasticity, memory
Under our ChromOne product line, we are proud to offer the NitroVap Brand of Laboratory Blowdown Evaporators from Laboratory Instrument Company
AMBER Robotics launches Lucid-1 NOW! The ultralight 7-axis Robotic Arm with AI Intuitive controller, very suitable for Robot's real arm, tease to simplify Robotics Development.
VINELAND, N.J. - -- (PR365News) -- Laboratory Supply Distributors Corp. is excited to announce that it's launched a new brand – ChromOne. This new brand has an expanded chromatography consumable products line, website and logo too. The new ChromOne...
Fortune 500 CEO Coach and positive organizational psychologist, Dr. Jamie Shapiro, moves toward Leadership Vitality in the most competitive market in history
JA Assure Singapore collaborates with SRM University India for Research and Development of new Technologies
Cardiovascular Imaging Expert to Lead Core Lab Services in Support of Clinical Trials
MIAMI - -- Meditation allows one to broaden their consciousness and see what the world has in store for oneself. Apart from that, meditation helps one to contemplate on where they want to go in life. It also allows one to focus their attention on a goal..
RICHMOND, Va. - -- It has been 23 years since the Small Business Administration (SBA) was fully reauthorized. Now Congress may be reviewing legislation that includes reauthorization of the SBA. Small Business Owners have been relying on the SBA to help...
CARLSBAD, Calif. - -- Universal Sequencing Technology Corporation (UST), a global leader in genomic sequencing innovations, announced today the release of a high throughput microbial WGS library preparation kit enabling 2nd-generation short-read...