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SAN FRANCISCO - -- Truthset, a data accuracy company, announced that it has won the prestigious I-COM Global Data Startup Challenge. Competing with four other startups, Truthset's proprietary method for measuring and scoring the accuracy of record-level..
One Woman is Changing the World through The Power of Gratitude
ATLANTA - -- Deidre Gaskin, an award winning Publicist, is excited to launch a new website to assist athletes, business owners and publicists alike with their publicity efforts. features courses, e...
LOS ANGELES - -- Academy Award winning VFX artist Nickson Fong's feature film directorial debut is currently making the festival rounds and recently won Best Picture at the Bleedingham Horror Film Festival. Bleedingham celebrated its 10th anniversary...
Tri-State rock band releases their head-turning rock and roll EP.
NEW YORK - -- The mysterious founder of SuperDuper Cat has issued a challenge to internet sleuths and people who enjoy problem solving. If you fancy yourself clever enough you could win big. The first person to solve the mystery will win...
LOS ANGELES - -- Rossi's album, "Nuvole Bianche", was just released and is available on all major platforms and streaming services. Recorded this summer at Shark Attack Studios in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the neo-classical melodies feature Elizabeth...
Black Guest List connects Black luminaries with radio hosts, television producers, live shows, digital outlets, print publications and trendy podcasts looking for Black guests.
Converting personal passion into a profitable professional purpose
SAN FRANCISCO - -- After more than 12 years in production, Wohler has announced the discontinuation of their AMP2-16V-M series, which has been replaced by their IP ready iVAM2-2. The AMP2-16V-M series set the market standard for more than a decade and...
A childhood dream of stardom... acting, singing and traveling the world performing, is now a reality for Sidow Sobrino and husband Richard.
New song "Hiding" by music personality "DR" features Futuristic with vocal produced by B Martin of Purpose Driven Records and Bingx.
MANHATTAN, N.Y. - -- How can we create a positive mindset for youth and help them believe in themselves when it seems as though they are constantly bombarded with negative news, social media propaganda and distorted views of what success really is...
MIAMI - -- VLF Management, Capital 27 Media, and Michael Sterling Music Group (MSMG) announce a birthday celebration concert in honor of national recording artist and Miami's own Michael Sterling on Friday, October 29 at the Miramar Cultural Center...
UviaUs commits to mitigating its environmental impact to aid in conserving and restoring US national forests
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - Working Together to Find A Cure
Two-thirds of cryptocurrency investors seek to build long term wealth, and time is on their side. Just one-in-eight seek to trade the market's ups and downs.
CLEVELAND - -- Scribes Unlimited Press and Promotions announces the publication of Shadows in Light: Book 1 of the Hidden Rims Saga by P.M. Amaras & Paul Driggere (Scribes Unlimited Press, 2021) in e-book and trade paperback formats, available on...
An opportunity for anime fans everywhere to help design the anime they want to see. By voting in the polls, Co-Creators get to decide the story, events and characters that will appear in the upcoming anime series. Only Co-Creators can vote in the polls an