Grief Diaries News

Show shot in real time re-examines evidence, offers renewed hope to victim's family
Stops in Seattle and Portland, Invites Teens and Loved Ones Affected by Suicide for Inclusion in Coming Book Project
"Grief Diaries: Through the Eyes of DID" launches on the heels of the blockbuster movie "Split," and takes readers into the lives of 17 people diagnosed with DID
Fifteen bereaved parents share the struggles they faced in the aftermath including coping differences, intimacy, blame and more
Book features surviving grief and loss from the perspective of 14 men
Book features expressive writing about loss and illness by 18 women writers from across the globe
Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins and hundreds of independent houses contribute to competition
22 Men and Women Share Poignant True Stories About Losing a Loved One to an Unsolved Murder
25 Men and Women Reveal the Shocking Aftermath of Drunk Driving Crashes in "Grief Diaries: Shattered"
Twelve Writers Share Candid Journeys About Finding Hope in the Aftermath of Losing a Loved One to Suicide
Fourteen Writers Reveal Candid Ways Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injuries Affect Daily Life in New Book
New book features 21 fascinating accounts of natural phenomena known as after-death communication
Book Highlights Understanding in the Aftermath of Kidnapping and Homicide
Acclaimed as "VITAL," collection of 18 stories offers comfort and healing in the aftermath of losing first, second, and third trimester pregnancies and babies.
Hailed as "INSPIRATIONAL" by founder of MADD, collection of 17 stories offer comfort and healing in the aftermath of losing a loved one to an impaired driver.
Hailed as "CAPTIVATING," new book explores fragile relationships
"Being recognized as a Finalist is a high honor." - Ellen Reid, NIEA President
Hailed As "Critically Important," book series dedicated to raising awareness gives back to those in need
10-Book Anthology to Debut December 20 Hailed As "Critically Important"
10-Book Anthology to Debut December 20 Hailed As "Critically Important"