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The Inaugural Brooklyn NYE Ball Will RISE on December 31, 2020; in Downtown Brooklyn
When seeking the guidance of an employment lawyer in Denver, Colorado, it can quickly become frustrating to find a law firm that backs the employee, rather than the employer. Tom Mitchiner of Mitchiner Law not only supports the employee with years of cred
A one day only event showcasing over 40 vendors and artist demos, a fashion show, two art exhibits and multiple surprise performances along with a panel discussion, drawing into Sacramento visitors from San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Sonoma, and Tah
A year after launch WebSatchel brings its page saving service to mobile.
Statistically, people have an attention span capacity of 10-15 minutes, yet the average university lecture or office panel discussion runs anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Microlearning involves small, digestible lessons that respond to how you learn. It's ab
Sourcing professionals now have a free platform for managing their supplier relationships and bidding events
The National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair, a free, intensive, information-packed empowerment weekend for aspiring Black lawyers, was hosted at Columbia Law School in New York City, New York.
The National Black Pre-Law Conference will host its 15th annual event at Columbia Law School in New York City, New York. This power-packed, world-class pre-professional event for aspiring Black lawyers is free of charge and open to all.