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MANHATTAN, N.Y. - -- The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown changed the world's No.1 Superstar's plans to travel to Paris, France, in 2020. Sidow Sobrino and his husband Richard didn't give up on their dream and planned not only a visit to the European country...
An Upcoming Handy Foundation Event on Juneteenth will Celebrate the Editors of A Black Lady Sketch Show, Highlight Opportunities Created and Discuss State of the Industry 2 Years Later
Virtual Film Screen Raises Awareness About Mental Illness in Black Community
A Dollar Fifty Productions LLC announces the development of an untitled biographical film on the life of Mary McLeod Bethune, including derivative projects.
DALLAS - -- Women in Film Dallas will celebrate female filmmakers around the globe at the 21st Annual Topaz Film Festival and Awards Ceremony. The festival will take place October 20-23, 2022. Submissions are now being accepted through July 1 via...
LOS ANGELES - -- The non-profit foundation Helicon Arts Cooperative announces a new reality-bending psychological mystery feature film, "Contre-Coup." Attached is director James Kerwin, who is known for Entertainment One's cult sci-fi feature film...
'The Next Gen Filmmaker Project' has chosen four South Asian-American mentees with script ideas they will develop alongside mentor Kavi Raz and upcoming streaming service Cpics.
LOS ANGELES & CANNES, France - -- Yolonda Brinkley, creator of Diversity in Cannes, the independent film movement promoting inclusion at the Cannes Film Festival, is pleased to announce Dear Cannes, Do Better: A Celebration of Black Women in Film at..
Prompt Video offers brands feedback and simple, affordable multi-shot video storytelling.
$33Billion year in year out resulting in $363Bill in 11 years thats the result of Harlette contribution to SaudiArabia economy following a Masterclass they created & delivered in Saudi Arabia with positive cashflow to WallSt & LondonStockExchange
SAN RAFAEL, Calif. - -- The multiple award-winning short documentary "Becoming Black Lawyers" will screen this week at the DocLands Documentary Film Festival presented by the California Film Institute. The festival will host in-person screenings from...
Multicultural / Multilingual Cast Features Deaf Actor Eddie Buck and Talent from Zambia, the Dominican Republic, and Central America
2nd Solo Album of Original Music Inspired By The Exploration of What it Truly Means To Be Human
LOS ANGELES - -- As Paul Sinacore Casting strives to be on the forefront of the conversations for authenticity in Hollywood working with producers, show runners and studio executives to include casting underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, Paul...
LOS ANGELES - -- As a member of the Equity in Entertainment committee at the Casting Society of America, Paul Sinacore, CSA continues to push for inclusive casting in Hollywood along with EIE co-creator Michael Sanford, focusing on amplifying under...