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The Soulmate Collection features hand-designed pieces which depict two souls intertwined to reflect the bonding of soulmates in love.
HOUSTON - -- A note taken right out of the Hollywood playbook, real is always better!
The American-Chinese CEO Society hosts annual Oscars® screening, where Hollywood's elite in filmmaking, celebrities, writers, producers, executives, and American & Chinese representatives will enjoy a red carpet, gala dinner, awards, entertainment and a f
Houston's own Celebrity Jeweler Aldo Dinelli, of ICON Jewels reveals a beautiful coffee table book for the holidays. Gioielli, a 30 Year Celebration is a breathtaking look into the world of the high jewelry, diamonds and gems.
HOUSTON - -- Toni Braxton stole the show at the 2019 American Music Awards as she made her return to the iconic stage after 25 years wearing ICON Jewels' 27 Carat Diamond Ring and a spectacular Padparadscha and Diamond Necklace.
The only perfumes, toiletries and fragrances that possess French wellness and healing flower remedies
America now celebrates a national day in honor of an anti-aging antigen changing faces worldwide.
GIA's New HydraSurge Radiance Fluid and HydraSurge Radiance Serum offer enhanced results that "do more."
Machine Self-Learning System to Automatically Measure and Predict Time Based Patterns in Supply Chains
Cuban strikes a deal with the cutest dog-friendly company that has ever aired on Shark Tank.
Unapologetically Bold Jewelry That's Redefining Luxury for Those Who Know the Value of Freedom