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Merging Minimalism with Functional Efficiency for an Elevated Audio Experience
Copperhill Technologies, a provider of embedded systems for LIN Bus automotive applications, offers a great selection of products for various embedded platforms, such as the Raspberry Pi, the Arduino-compatible Teensy, and breakout boards for generic embe
Copperhill Technologies, a provider of embedded systems for CAN Bus development, introduces the espBerry, a new line of ESP32 development boards. The espBerry series includes the basic espBerry board, a dual CAN-Bus channel system, and an NMEA 2000 & NMEA
NINGBO, China - -- Rippton Smart Fishing Gear, the trailblazer in fishing technology, made a groundbreaking debut at EFTTEX 2023 in Budapest, the largest trade exhibition for the European fishing tackle industry. Notably, Rippton's CatchX Pro bait boat...
Showcases Remarkable Achievements and Growth Benefitting Cascade Clients, Employees, & the Environment
Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd's Extensive Contributions to Civil Airport Security through Advanced Anti-Drone Systems and Proactive Measures Against Unauthorized Drone Activities Over a Span of 17 Years
The 10 µm, 640 x 512 Neon™ RD0033 DROIC is available now for commercial use
SEOUL, South Korea - -- Deep Learning Robotics (DLRob), a pioneering leader in artificial intelligence and robotics technology, announced in the framework of the Robot Tech Show 2023 last week the launch of its latest innovation, a feature in its vision..