Defense News

BALTIMORE - -- Contracting Resources Group, Inc. (CRG), a leading government professional services firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Moira Rivera as its new President. Dr. Rivera brings a decade of exemplary service within CRG, where...
BRANSON, Mo. - -- Bronchoscopy is known to be an aerosol generating procedure and produce plumes of microscopic particles, some of which may carry infectious airborne organisms, that can then be inhaled by medical personnel in attendance and...
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DENVER - -- COMINT Consulting has just released a first for the communications and signals intelligence market, specifically precision Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) classifier. LFSR is a complex mathematical procedure which in the communications..
Michael Finelli hired as Century Fasteners Corp. – Corporate Sales Training Manager.
Christopher Hussey promoted to Century Fasteners Corp. – General Manager, Southeast Sales.
ORLANDO, Fla. - -- Today, Tuan "TQ" Nguyen has formally filed his candidacy for US. Senate in Florida. Nguyen, a no-party-affiliated candidate, is joining the race where Rick Scott and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell are the partisan front runners. To explain...
Pacific Power Source's New Regenerative AC/DC Power Sources, Grid Simulators, and Loads (AGX, RGS, RLS Series) emulate real world conditions for testing aerospace, power conversion, EV charging, and grid-tied systems.
TUKWILA, Wash. - -- New Frontier Aerospace (NFA), a startup company developing advanced propulsion to power net carbon neutral hypersonic VTOL aircraft, fast orbit transfer spacecraft and planetary landers, is pleased to welcome the Honorable...
DALLAS - -- Castellex, a leading provider of NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) air filtration systems, reaffirms its dedication to saving lives by extending its mission to the people of Ukraine. With a track record of safeguarding populations...
Patton's newly crafted business division targets civilian, military, and intelligence market sectors.