Covid19 News

World renowned Brooklyn based interior design glass artist repurposes vivid mosaic patterns for use in high fashion face mask line.
The residents of Los Angeles county have not been forgotten during the coronavirus pandemic. Dove Bennett has paved the way making sure they have hot meals, even hand-delivering them herself.
"COVID19's impact on employment reminds me a time in my life where circumstances were beyond my control. I had to tap into areas of myself, in order to survive. The job market was too uncertain; I needed stability. So, I took a chance on me."
Harlem's Fitness Studios Banning Together to Make Sure They Can Continue to Take Care of the Community
Virtual reality is being used in the tourism industry for quite some time. For instance, VR is used to share with costumers visual information before booking a hotel room.
TAMPA, Fla. - -- With the COVID-19 pandemic concerns taking priority of our public lives, Sandra Leppert & Associates responded by carrying new products specifically geared to protecting employees and customers in businesses that deal directly with...
Register with the International Emergency Locator System, Help First Responders and Hospitals.
PSXDigital, a specialist digital marketing company for the Powersports industry, has announced it is now offering custom marketing packages and free online courses to current partners & non-partners and deferred the billing of current dealer partners to i
To help organizations mitigate risks associated with remote work and allow them to communicate securely while sharing confidential information via email, StealthMail provides a free trial to its email security service.
With Many Colleges Across the Country Closing Campuses Early Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), ZippyU Looks to Help Students Move out Quickly and Easily