Construction News

ATLANTA - -- Peer Executive Groups (PEG) announced today a new sister company, Peer Tech (PT), along with its first product, an affordable real-time, quarterly, financial benchmarking tool.
MINNEAPOLIS - -- The highly anticipated partnership announcement of Makwa Global, LLC, and SOLID Surface Care, Inc. combines the simplified acquisition flexibility of an experienced Tribal Enterprise and the capabilities of a specialized team of surface..
COLUMBUS, Ohio - -- In a vigilant effort to reduce the adverse effects associated with the damage of buried utilities, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) recently updated the 2019 Construction and Materials Specification Manual, which includes..
Grand Canyon Gas Logs and Arizona Fireplaces reach new milestone by manufacturing, selling and installing the largest log set in the industry. One hundred twenty inches!
Herman Construction Group completed fast-track build-outs of COVID-19 emergency response field hospitals and surge hospitals in two weeks, adding 450 beds to the state's capacity
WASHINGTON - -- In the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, Tejjy Inc. facilitates the expansion of healthcare industry infrastructure in the USA through BIM prefabrication and modularization technology. Conventional construction methods cannot meet the high...
Energy-Efficient Custom Homes Begin Construction Soon in Salt Lake, Heber, Park City
Local businesses partner together to offer support for Medical Professionals, First Responders, and Small Business Owners, and Those in Need
Drone-on-Demand patent expands the utility of PicPocket-Labs' core, geofencing IP to all manners of UAV/UAM applications in Enterprise, Government and Consumer markets.
As small businesses across the nation adapt to the new normal of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a Chicago-based house painting startup is using technology to reinvent the way homeowners get basic home improvement projects like house painting or dryw
Alpha Energy is one of the very few "women-owned businesses" providing a total "Holistic Green Sustainability Approach" to help prepare for California's ZERO NET ENERGY(ZNE) Mandate for 100% Clean Energy and offering SunPower solutions to control high uti