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HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. - -- GrooveCar Direct Announces 10 New Credit Union Partnerships in Q1 2020
The pilot is based in the city of Nanjing, China and will focus on the interoperability of three critical components in EV energy consumption: payment systems, charging stations, and energy supply chains ­Pilot will serve as a blueprint for its energy sal
Modules directly address the specific requirements needed to maintain business continuity in general as well as provide business continuity during the COVID-19 Pandemic in particular.
CLEARWATER, Fla. - -- Founded on Oct. 10 of 2019, by 2 Greek American fintech entrepreneurs, iBBT began as a core solution for trading fractional assets from company equity in an alternative trade platform (ATP), but it has grown to include, smart...
Astor Capital Fund, in talks to acquire more banks in Hong Kong and BD firms throughout Europe
Astor Capital Fund, in talks to finalize acquisition of several securities firms in Europe & Asia
KOWLOON, Hong Kong - -- Astor Capital is reportedly moving full-bore toward acquiring more broker-dealer firms in Hong Kong and Shenzhen – say several off-the-record sources. As is expected, the financial giant is planning to expand throughout Europe...
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SAN FRANCISCO & KOWLOON, Hong Kong & CENTRAL, Singapore - -- Another bold move is the latest announcement, as the CEO launches Astor Capital Fund into a new decade. Astor Capital Fund announced today that they intend to launch an impact investments...