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vrbn studios: New 3D shop and major 'Los Angeles' production update

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USTER, Switzerland - PrZen -- vrbn studios has just announced its brand new online shop featuring the latest generation of high-quality 3D content.

The shop features countless full-PBR, urban 3D assets and richly detailed 3D buildings (most of them also with three material variants) of different architectural typologies. The content is available immediately for the game engine platforms Unity3D and Unreal Engine. Upcoming are according offline rendering variants for tools like SideFX Houdini or Blender, in combination with renderers such as RenderMan or Karma. Detailed investigations into the generic standards OpenUSD and MaterialX are underway.

«Addressing the common hidden costs of content sold on 3D marketplaces is one of the most important aspects of our value proposition.» said Chris Buehler, CEO of vrbn. «We often see that production cost calculations massively underestimate the effort required to fix cheap content, which cuts deeply into other allocated project budgets. We see that our buildings and assets are a quick and easy way to populate believable film-quality 3D environments, especially for small to mid-sized creative studios.»

These hidden costs include manually creating missing textures, architectural research, creating LODs, assembling modular sets or matching the quality of content from multiple sources. All of these costs need to be considered (at least in a business context), as high-quality 3D environments typically take weeks or months of specialists to create, consuming huge amounts of salaries.

vrbn studios' content is specifically crafted with intent for quality and consistency, for easy use in large-scale 3D environments, in productions that are cost sensitive. The applications are numerous: Game cinematics, VFX (Film & TV), XR, advertising, or scientific simulations (e.g., Autonomous Driving).

«Our new production is a technological milestone, which allows for unprecedented ease in creating truly believable, photorealistic cityscapes.» said Matt Buehler, CTO of vrbn. «The creative industries are seeing a growing demand for Virtual Production. There is a growing need for consistent 3D content that is optimized for use in hybrid production pipelines, where real-time graphics are working hand in hand with offline rendering

This production sports multiple new features and enhancements, including the introduction of lifelike parallax occlusion 3D interiors, dynamic dirt and weathering, realistically bent and coated glass on all windows, as well as improvements in the handling of illumination and color variations of the interiors at night.

The technical foundation is a true cross-platform (tool agnostic) solution, which allows vrbn studios to bring the content to virtually any 3D DCC application, game engine or simulation framework (by developing custom importers).

For general inquiries about or custom solutions or building productions, please contact info@vrbn.io

Matthias Buehler

Source: vrbn studios

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