Victoria & Nicholas - How two bald eagles rose above their storms

Victoria & Nicholas, two bald eagles in southwest FL, are no strangers to storms. Losing two nests in as many years and rebuilding each time has shown their resilience in the midst of storms. Theirs is a story of hope and inspiration.

The nest of over 16 years, was toppled and destroyed in Hurricane Irma's category 4 winds. Undaunted, Vic & Nic immediately rebuilt their nest.

Then, just one year later in late December 2018, another storm, unseasonable and unexpected, blew their nest out of the tree and again they were left with a choice. Rebuild again quickly or forego the possibility of eaglets for the nesting season.

For Vic & Nic, this was an easy choice carried out by courage, sheer determination and hard work. The very next day, they began to rebuild - in the exact same tree! With great resolve, they rebuilt their nest and by Jan. 28th, the first egg had been laid. By Jan. 31st, there were two.

Today, Vic & Nic have two small nestlings, rambunctious Dandy & spunky little Spur, who are eating well and growing very quickly. The anticipated fledging time will be mid to late May. They are proof that storms may come and go, but hope can be found and what was lost can be rebuilt.

Their nest is located on private property, which is also a working cattle ranch, near a large state park in southwest Florida. The nest cams stream live 24/7. Watch LIVE now to see the daily adventures of Dandy, Spur, Victoria and Nicholas!

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