VeloReality Summertime Shoreline Videos of Great Lakes Trail, Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Immerse Riders With New Grand Tours and Rides in 4K and HD

New Great Lakes Waterfront Trail Ride the Cabot Trail Hills Experience the byways of Mabou Fly along Toronto's beaches Free Rear Wheel VeloReality
To combat cabin fever and training boredom - also the dangers and discomfort of outdoor winter cycling - VeloReality has released its new Summer Shorelines rides and Grand Tours. Available 4K, HD and 720p formats feature Real Life Video scenery that is perfectly matched with riding speed and resistance for EXTREMELY REAL LOOK AND FEEL. A wide variety of ride profiles ranging from flat to hilly offer something to amaze every indoor cyclist.

TORONTO - PrZen -- VeloReality CEO Gary Bauer today announced the release of the company's latest offering with its brand new peloton of 'Summer Shorelines' experiential training videos.

Consisting of eight new segments totaling 292 kilometers, the experiential videos immerse riders with spectacular Canadian summer scenery - replacing boredom with unsurpassed sensory and visual reality. With a wide variety of shoreline ride profiles ranging from flat to hilly, the new releases offer something for every type and level of indoor rider.

"New riders are pleasantly shocked by the real look and feel every time." Says Mr. Bauer. "While training indoors on their favorite bike and trainer setup, they will be awestruck by the stunning summer shorelines ranging from Mabou backroads and rugged Cabot Trail coastlines, to urban Toronto bike paths and Lake Ontario boardwalks."

As with all VeloReality HD and 4K videos, the new releases are precisely visually synchronized to match the rider's speed and effort on flat, uphill or downhill terrain resulting in total experiential immersion. The eight new videos expand Veloreality's total offering to 350 HD and 250 4K Experiential Training Videos and extend the total of riding kilometers to over 3,500.

Available for download from as well as via subscription and shippable drive, all of the 4K, HD and 720p rides are compatible with any ANT+ trainer and VeloReality's own professional-grade Lynx VR Trainer. RIDE REALITY!

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Source: SDG - VeloReality
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