Tracey Bond announces Valentine's Day Book Release "Relationship InVestments and OutVestments Of For-Profit Co-OPT-erations"

BENEFICIENCE Prolific Personage Public Relations Relationship InVestments and OutVestments Of For-Profit Co-OPT-erations
"Women, there is a difference between a man spending money on you, and in you. It's about positioning, purpose and co-OP-erative profits, but most definitely about checking each of your positive balances..." ~ Tracey Bond, Author of Relationship InVestments and OutVestments For-Profit Co-OPT-erations

CHICAGO - Feb. 14, 2018 - PrZen -- ABOUT THE BOOK #RIAOFPC: Q: Do you want to get the most from your relationship?

Q: Are you prepared to put everything you have into making it work?

Q: Do you need some help in gently guiding you on the right path?

Relationships are like most things in life. You must work hard to make them into something that you can cherish.

Without hard-effort it is likely that any relationship will flounder and become stale, but by learning a few of the most important aspects you can have a long, happy and successful one.

In this book, Relationship: InVestments and OutVestments, we take a creatively unique and close look at how we can make the most of our relationships with chapters that look at:

* Position and placement
* The mind, body and soul seeder
* Seed, time and relationship return on investment
* Joint investors
* Q: Whoever heard of an outVestment?

This is a fun and educational book, which looks at relationships from a slightly different angle from other books that cover the same subject.

Witty, sharp and incisive, it promises to make you think about the effort you put in and how you can improve on that each day.

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