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Today is GENIUS Day celebrate with Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of the #DO7E Transformational GENIUS Experientia & Coachery™ at DrTraceyBond.com

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"Celebrate GENIUS Day with inspirational revelry - yes, get addicted to awakening self-development, higher energy, self-mastery & elevating maturity of your sleeping genius - discovery of your humanity-impacting power!"
~ Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of the spirited quantum #DO7E ('doubleOHHSeveneffect') transformational genius experientia, coachery & phenomenon & #geniusmanifestOHH™

CHICAGO - PrZen -- At DrTraceyBond.com today is "Genius Day" - an incredible day dedicated on the national calendar, to celebrating the exceptional brilliance + creativity of individuals who have made positive and significant contributions to so many fields: from science and technology to the arts and humanities.

Dr. Tracey Bond the iconic founder of the #DO7E (#doubleOHHseveneffect) transformational genius coachery and experientia phenomenon at DrTraceyBond.com, says this 'double-ohh-sevens-day' is a reminder of the incredible impact that geniuses have had on society...and an opportunity to recognize their achievements and contributions worldwide.

On this year's Genius Day, Bond says that "together we unite to celebrate the incredibly unique individuals who have made groundbreaking discoveries, created inspiring works of art, and changed the world with their innovative ideas. From the likes of Albert Einstein, Alexa Canady, Annie Easley, George Washington Carver, Lewis Howard Lattimer, Marc Hannah, Mary Daly, Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Mozart, geniuses have left an indelible mark on human history and continue to inspire generations of thinkers and creators. Genius Day is also a 'spring forward' occasion to inspire the next generation of geniuses. Let's encourage everyone to engage in activities that challenge the mind, spark authentic and original creativity, fostering intellectual curiosity - where genius discovery begins its journey, says Dr. Bond adding further, I am convinced that the souls of every living human being have the potential to tap into their inner genius."

At DrTraceyBond.com we are proud to celebrate Genius Day and pay tribute to the geniuses who have shaped our world.

See Dr.Tracey's Tiktok Video at https://tiktok.com/@drtraceybond/video/7210272835699346730

Dr. Tracey Bond believes that pr-launching her iconic, innovatory #DO7E (#doubleOHHseveneffect) soon it will trend a revolutionary Genius ManifestOHH™ that quantum creates an awakening, activation, and transformational phenomenon releasing kilonovae-marveling creativity and innovation in the universe, driving deep individual progress, that will emerge to make a positive impact ('effect') on society.

Join Dr. Tracey Bond, online and around the world in the spirit of celebrating Genius Day today and every after...let's all strive to unlock our inner genius and make a difference in the world.

View GENIUS DAY #DO7E Trailer at https://youtu.be/0VIrT8vPKiQ

Dr. Tracey Bond invites the genius-inspired community to connect with a selective premium subscription to her transformational genius experientia, genius coaching downloadables, and exclusive genius coachery experience sessions available now for a limited time at DrTraceyBond.com

A Video Testimonial: #DO7E Genius Coaching "Butterfly Beginnings"  https://youtu.be/WYuI6SookRw


Media Contact: Dr. Tracey Bond is available for select speaking, media interviews, podcast, radio, tv and press engagements at Beneficience.com Legacy PR online.

Dr. Tracey Bond, MPRL & Certified
Beneficience.com Legacy PR

Source: DrTraceyBond.com | #DO7E

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