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The Data Economics Company and Gordian Knot Strategies Highlight Deployment of Enkrateia for The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market

Enkrateia's Lydion-powered data network facilitates the Integrity Council's Core Carbon Principles and Assessment Platform for the voluntary carbon market

LOS ANGELES - PrZen -- The Data Economics Company (DECO) and Gordian Knot Strategies (GKS) announced the deployment of Enkrateia to support the effort of setting and enforcing a definitive global threshold for high quality carbon credits undertaken by the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (Integrity Council).

The Integrity Council is an independent governance body for the voluntary carbon market that has developed the Core Carbon Principles (CCPs) and Assessment Framework (AF) that set new threshold standards for high-quality carbon credits, provide guidance on how to apply the CCPs, and define which carbon-crediting programs and methodology types are CCP-eligible.

The Core Carbon Principles (CCPs), developed with input from hundreds of organizations throughout the voluntary carbon market, set out fundamental principles for high-quality credits that create real, verifiable climate impact, based on the latest science and best practice. The Integrity Council published the first part of its Assessment Framework in March of this year, which provides detailed program-level criteria for assessing whether carbon-crediting programs are CCP-Eligible.

"The CCPs establish a global benchmark for high-integrity carbon credits leveraging the solid science and expertise available," said Penrith, CEO for GKS. "They address vital elements of credit quality and integrity such as emissions impact, effective governance, and sustainable development. The Assessment Platform reflects the full set of detailed criteria and associated questions for assessing carbon-crediting programs and is another significant step towards bringing transparency to the market."

Enkrateia runs on DECO's patented Lydion® Engine, software that facilitates the secure, private packaging, exchange, and productization of valuable data assets. This allows carbon programs to easily and securely access the Assessment Framework on the Assessment Platform and apply to the Integrity Council for CCP-eligibility.

"We've taken another step, with The Integrity Council and Gordian Knot Strategies, to clarify Data Economics and its relevance to climate change," said DECO Chief Product Officer and Managing Director Sirtaj Brar. "We're making the value of data more legible based on the outcomes it measures and what it enables. We're doing this by packaging data so its value is better understood and valued. Enkrateia brings better Data Economics to a market of intangibles that we need to better understand, act on, and ultimately encourage higher ambition in the realm of climate solutions."

The Lydion® Engine, developed by DECO, is an operating system for decentralized applications. It powers secure, private Lydion Data Vaults that enable people and companies to package and productize their data as valuable digital assets called Lydions. With Lydion-based platforms and applications, users can control, utilize, share, transact, and monetize their Lydions over private networks without losing ownership or control of the underlying datasets.

About Gordian Knot Strategies

Gordian Knot Strategies is a strategic problem-solving consulting company with a focus on natural climate solutions and expertise in climate finance, impact funds, and carbon markets, and has developed numerous go-to-market plans in these areas. GKS advises on impact fund structures, carbon acquisition portfolios, climate financing mechanisms, and domestic and international carbon policies. More at GordianKnotStrategies.com.

About The Data Economics Company

The Data Economics Company's mission is to pioneer and propagate the field of Data Economics by leading science and research; developing the mathematical, economic, and software frameworks and toolsets to power implementation; and continuing to advance commercialization of the Lydion® Engine. The Lydion® Engine powers secure, private Lydion Data Vaults that enable people and companies to package and productize their data as valuable digital assets. More at TheDataEconomicsCompany.com.

Chris Gale

Source: The Data Economics Company

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