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Terahertz Frequency Wand Device Helping Thousands with Pain and Health Issues

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A new device called a "Terahertz Wand" is making its way into the hands of thousands of people around the United States and the world and showing to assist with pain related issues, skin related issues, inflammation, swelling, arthritis, stiffness, soreness, hair growth, improved kidney function, activating dormant stem cells and much more. These terahertz frequency devices have recorded hundreds of documented testimonials and are being referred to as a "med bed" type technology.

SAN DIEGO - PrZen -- Med beds and med bed technology has long been talked about as something coming in the future and many are excited and waiting for that day to happen however along the way many smaller pieces of health related technology are making their way to the public and "Terahertz Wands" are one of those devices.

Terahertz wands are "health and wellness" classified devices that use multiple technologies to stimulate cells and energy within the body. Looking and acting very much like a hair dryer these units provide (1) Terahertz frequency which resonates with the cells in the body, Quantum / scaler technology and also quartz crystal technology. The "wands" as they are often called also include FAR infrared and create energy that stimulates the cells in the body to work more efficiently ands also remove bad and mutated cells that are not running as the same frequency of healthy cells. In some cases they are reducing and removing tumors amongst other things from the frequency they emit. The wands are also being used to "charge water" which basically breaks water molecules down from clumping and allows them to be absorbed directly into the cells of the body. This in turn increases the level of hydration and the charged molecules have been shown to assist with cellular function and detoxification.

Thousands of people in the United States have purchased these "hair dryers that throw off a blue light" as they are often referenced as and have seen impressive results. Many of the testimonials for the THZ devices includes a reduction of joint pain including knees, shoulders, back, ankles and hands.. The "Terahertz Wands" also have documentation for being used to help regrow hair, assist with gums and teeth, remove various types of tumors and abscesses, assisting with vertigo, Bells Palsy, stem cell activation, assisting with healing bones and fractures, reducing wrinkles, acne, Psoriasis and other skin related issues.

The terahertz frequency sits in between microwave and infrared waves and is a frequency used for doing x rays in a safer way and also is a frequency that the cells in the body resonate with. These small devices are able to stimulate cell growth, detoxification, cellular reproduction and circulation. Many health clinics, spa's, chiropractor's and Integrated health facilities are starting to include these into their routine. Terahertz wands are relatively easy to use, just point the light and warm air to the areas that need attention for a small period of time and begin. The devices include multiple fan speeds and heat settings and ultimately are very much like using a hair dryer.

A San Diego based company GMG Medical is one of many new distributors seeing the results these items are producing for customers and are now adding them to their inventory. Sales of the terahertz wands continues to grow since the prices are more affordable than a "med bed" starting off at just $350 and going up to $3,500. The price depends on the size and power of the unit however all sizes will produce the same effect with the larger units doing it with less time of use. As time goes on more and more people begin using this new technology these devices will start making them more popular and perhaps in the future will be in every household. While the public continues to wait for the "real med beds" to be released many other advanced technologies will keep being released which will help people in many different ways and the "Terahertz Wands" certainly seem to be one item that many are using which is available now.

For anyone looking to purchase a Terahertz Wand see the information and links below.

Contact Sean Callahan 858-652-1259 or Gloria Flores at 858-922-6862
visit https://usamedbed.com/terahertz-wand/ to view the wands and videos on how they work.

Sean Callahan USA Med Bed

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  • Lou wilsonqyziu:
    I have purchased a wand that was only a 1/4 of the price and would like to know why they are so expensive elsewhere.
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