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Teqtivity Partners with Jamf for Enhanced IT Asset Management

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CERRITOS, Calif. - PrZen -- Teqtivity, a leading provider of IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with Jamf, a specialist in Apple device management. This partnership simplifies asset management for businesses using Apple devices.

Streamlining Asset Management with Teqtivity and Jamf Integration

Teqtivity offers robust asset tracking solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their IT Asset Management software simplifies asset tracking from purchase to disposal, and the integration with Jamf streamlines this process further.

With this integration, Teqtivity and Jamf offer administrators:
  • A Single Source of Truth: Teqtivity and Jamf synchronize to provide a single source of truth for asset management, ensuring consistency in asset records.
  • Detailed Device Views: Administrators gain a detailed view of devices and their assigned users for improved asset tracking and management.
  • Real-Time Reporting: The integration allows real-time reporting of discrepancies between Teqtivity and Jamf, enabling prompt resolution.
  • Automated Asset Creation and Assignment: Teqtivity and Jamf automate asset creation and assignment, ensuring up-to-date asset records without manual intervention.
  • Device Locking for Enhanced Security: Companies can lock devices directly from Teqtivity, enhancing security and simplifying the process.

Hiren Hasmukh, CEO of Teqtivity, emphasized the significance of this integration. "Our partnership with Jamf streamlines asset management, saving time for IT teams in their daily operations and enhancing asset security. This exemplifies our commitment to efficient IT solutions."

About Jamf

Jamf is a leader in Apple device management, offering solutions that help organizations succeed with Apple. With products that focus on empowering users, simplifying IT, and unifying the Apple experience, Jamf provides a single, fully integrated platform to manage all Apple devices.

About Teqtivity

Teqtivity specializes in IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions designed to streamline asset tracking and management. Their software helps businesses track the complete lifecycle of assets, providing visibility from the point of origin to disposal.

The partnership between Teqtivity and Jamf brings together two industry leaders to deliver a seamless and powerful solution for Apple device management. Businesses using Apple devices can now benefit from comprehensive asset tracking and management, providing improved efficiency and enhanced security.

For more information about this integration or to explore Teqtivity's ITAM solutions, please visit https://www.teqtivity.com.

Hiren Hasmukh

Source: Teqtivity Inc

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