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A Strategy To Win Back The White House

Arresting images roast TRUMP: SendEmBack.com & link DEMS to: PollingSurveys.com
The Cost Per Click: Below 2 Cents. The Click-Through Rate: Above 35%. The Test Marketing: 150+ Facebook Ads

LA JOLLA, Calif. - PrZen -- THE PROJECT:

Such memorable domain names as WeAreHorrified.com, ReturnTheUSA.com and PresidentialBest.com comprise a portfolio of 300+ memorable campaign web addresses. Add compelling illustrations and social media engagements go off the charts.

THE TACTICS are launch-ready. The web address portfolio at CampaignBest.com is radio-tested, names as easily remembered when heard as when seen. Some are negative, most support candidacies, causes and campaigns. Most of the project's domain names are dot-com; some are dot-org, including the project profile NotWe.org;  a few are both.

THE RESULTS Average cost per click below 2 cents, click-through rates above 35%, and perfect Facebook Relevance scores of 10 may sound impossible. Yet when all 2019 marketing tests were tallied on July 20, these were the year-to-date results (except that two of 119 ads scored 8 and 9 for relevance.) These tests can be reviewed at the project's Facebook page TrustedBest.com. All Individual 2019 results are published at AdvertiseTheBest.com.

THE INNOVATORS are Laurence McGilvery, an antiquarian book dealer, and Aldis Browne, an art consultant. Both are grandfathers who hope by promoting such addressees as ReturnEcology.com they may leave the world a better place.

THE GOAL To work with one campaign, coalition or Super PAC to help win the White House in 2020.

HIGH/LOW What's high? Potential advertising savings. What's low? The cost. Browne and McGilvery intend to earn their primary rewards from success bonuses. That consideration aside, the question is not what the project will cost, but rather, what it can realize and how much it will save.

Aldis Browne
310 403-0444

Source: Aldis Browne Fine Arts
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