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Sobreo offers an "enlightened alternative" to sugar filled cocktails

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Sobreo is designed to enhance your spirit by substituting sugary liqueurs, tonics, soda or fruit juices with Sobreo's sugar free 'enlightened alternative' of oak aged spices, herbs, mushrooms & more.

The Sobreo brand was created by serial entrepreneur Kirk Reynolds when his doctor told him "It's not the alcohol that's going to kill you, it's the sugar in your drink that will."

CALGARY, Alberta - PrZen -- Mix Sobreo to enhance the flavour & aroma in your classic cocktail, CBD-infusion or alcohol free alternative, so you can feel good about what you're drinking!

"For too long cocktails have had a free pass when it comes to your health," said Kirk Reynolds, Founder of Sobreo. "People say, 'I'm drinking, I just want to have fun, I don't want to think too much about what I'm drinking.' That was Reynolds' attitude, until his Doctor told him 'It's not the alcohol (in your cocktails) that's going to kill you, it's the sugar that will.'"

"Health is even more prominent in consumer minds post-COVID," said Reynolds. "More than ever, people are mindful of drinking. Given the amount of healthy consideration given to consuming alcohol, shouldn't the mixer be equally as important?"

Shifting consumer preferences have led to an increase in mindful drinking, which in turn, has led to alcohol, non alcoholic & CBD companies rolling out a host of gluten-free, vegan, all-natural, low & no-alcohol drinks & CBD infused RTD's. However, a cocktail, mocktail or RTD is only as healthy as the mixer you add to it.

Sobreo is committed to offering an 'enlightened alternative' to sugar filled mixers, liqueurs, tonics, sodas or fruit juices.  Each of Sobreo's six unique flavours is handcrafted over ten months by infusing over thirty of the finest, sustainably sourced, organic botanicals and adaptogens with oak in pure glacier water!

So far the response from the public has been overwhelming and is only growing because not only is Sobreo a sugar free & healthier alternative to sugar filled mixers, it also greatly reduces the burn of booze in cocktails.  As such, consumers enjoy Sobreo cocktails with enhanced flavours & healthier benefits of lower ABV, less calories, carbs & sugar than in classic recipes. While those who are wishing to forgo alcohol all together enjoy mixing Sobreo in CBD cocktails or non alcoholic mocktails.

"A truly inclusive drinking experience begins with your mixer. Mix Sobreo any way you want and enjoy a healthier, great tasting libation."

Visit Sobreo.com for more information.

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