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September 12, 2022 Zero Dark Thirty Talks- A Day Late

Zerodarkthirtylajolla Zero Made in the USA
LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK - PrZen -- "Hollywood is making a movie about my baby", my father grabbed my head and kissed my forehead.  Within that year he was killed by the evil doers embedded in our Nation right now.  At 42 years old a movie was being made about me, people call me the real life Carrie Mathison, the local Authorities call me, 'Zero'.  I outsmarted the first professional hit man at 10 years old, I saved myself and my BFF's life that day.  My identity has been leaked.

Dear Fellow Patriots,  The time is drawing near that will test us, and determine if our Nation will remain FREE.

As November 6, Mid term election day draws near, I ask you to VOTE for FREEDOM, VOTE for Republicans, Vote for MAGA TRUMP allies.

The Person known as Zero Dark Thirty in the Media is coming forward as her identity has been leaked.  The time has come to let the World know what happened, how it happened, and how deep the evil is rooted into our Nation, our governments, our public agencies, etc...


Source: Zero Dark Thirty Talks

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