Rock Artist JIGI Is Back With a Jazz Rendition Of "Welcome (II V I)"

From the rooftops of Tel Aviv, JIGI warming up.. Welcome (in II V I) December 2020 Alex Au'Dae
PrZen -- This year has been to say the least, a year of ups and downs, mostly downs. But even in the darkest of times, artists such as rocker JIGI (pronounced as "jiggy") continue to shine their light by pushing onward creating new music and experimenting with new styles. JIGI, an independent rock artist from Tel-Aviv, Israel made his US market entry debut in 2020 via Au'Dae Distribution with singles such as "NPNG", "Make You Smile", and "Welcome". Available on all streaming platforms globally from Spotify to KKBox, each record gives you it's own different genre of rock vibe that is sure to captivate you melodically over tantalizing guitar rifts and hypnotic drum beats.

  Now JIGI is back with a classy, crossover jazz rendition of "Welcome (II V I)" which hits smoother than a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream. The acoustic beginning will begin to soothe the inner ear as it makes a silky transition to a jazz swing with a heavenly combination of keys, guitars, horns,and percussion instruments. "Welcome (II V I)" is set to be released late December distributed via Au'Dae. Ahead of it's release "Welcome (II V I) has garnered the interest of several playlist curators on Spotify, and will likely be available for Spotify listeners via these playlists before it's official release.

Alex Au'Dae

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