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Programmable Arduino-Due-Based USB Gateway With Two CAN Bus Ports

Arduino-Due-Based USB Gateway With Two CAN Bus Por Dual CAN Bus Interface For Arduino Due With Extend Due_R3_Core_For_Arduino_Compatible_SAM3X8E_32bit_A Copperhill Technologies Corporation
Copperhill Technologies announced the release of its JCOM.DUE.CORE gateway, a programmable embedded system based on the Arduino Due, supporting two USB and two CAN Bus ports.

GREENFIELD, Mass. - PrZen -- The system's baseboard combines two Copperhill products into one, the Due Core processor and a dual CAN Bus interface. The Due Core is a microcontroller board based on Arduino Due, featuring the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU. It integrates all peripherals required for the MCU, and all GPIOs are connected to 2.54mm connectors.

The board is fully compatible with the open-source Arduino Software (IDE), making it easy to write C code and upload it to the board. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

The JCOM.CAN.DUE-X, a dual CAN bus interface for the Arduino Due, is not an Arduino shield in the common sense since it is specifically designed for the Arduino Due's extended size. The board incorporates dual CAN transceivers required by the two integrated CAN ports on the Arduino Due while allowing the operation with any Arduino-compatible shield that supports the necessary 3.3 VDC power requirements.

To more efficiently serve automotive and industrial applications, the JCOM.CAN.DUE-X board supports an extended input power range of 7 to 36 VDC to power the entire system, i.e., including the Arduino Due itself. Alternatively, power can be supplied through either of the two USB ports.

Possible applications include:
  • CAN Bus to USB Gateway and Protocol Converter
  • SAE J1939 Gateway and Protocol Converter
  • CAN Bus Data Logger
  • CAN Bridge (connecting 2 CAN networks, even at different baud rates)
  • CAN Bus Analyzer (in combination with a suitable Windows program)
  • SAE J1939 Data Monitoring
  • CAN ECU Prototyping
  • SAE J1939 ECU Prototyping
Copperhill Technologies also provides ample development resources in the form of application notes, sample code, datasheets, and user manuals.

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Wilfried Voss

Source: Copperhill Technologies Corp.
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