ProductHQ launches Jira Integration to streamline feature management

Launching and managing a product as a startup has been made easier now with the new integration between ProductHQ and Jira

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Jan. 25, 2019 - PrZen -- ProductHQ, a product management solution for startups and product teams announces a new integration with Jira to provide a seamless transition from product management into a team's software development lifecycle.

"Product teams have struggled in trying to manage their overall product backlog and product roadmap tasks fully within Jira and needed a solution to help better organize this," says ProductHQ. "This integration gives product teams the best of both worlds. A powerful product management solution to ensure what they work on are the most important features for their teams and get to use one of the best in breed options for task workflow management to accomplish the feature within Jira once a release kicks off."

The new integration allows product teams to work within ProductHQ to complete all product planning activities, feedback management, feature prioritization and to build out product roadmaps that define their planned releases. Once the release is prepped and ready to begin, product managers can send the release to Jira to create the features as Epics for their development teams to begin working on within their software development lifecycle.

In addition to creating an easier way to manage features, the integration allows product teams to ensure their Jira account contains only items which have been approved and are in flight. As a result, the integration declutters requests from the Jira workflow as those would be maintained within ProductHQ and only when prioritized for a release would be it be passed via the integration to Jira.

"Product startups need tools to ensure they are spending their resources on the changes that will result in the largest impact," says ProductHQ. "This integration combines the best two tools to help them get this done and provide a powerful way to build better products."

ProductHQ launched in 2017 to provide product teams a one stop shop to manage their product from planning to roadmap.

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