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WebSatchel lets you save any webpage on the internet into a searchable library WebSatchel
After a year and a half, WebSatchel is finally ready to take off the training wheels.

COLUMBIA, Md. - PrZen -- WebSatchel is finally out of Beta! The browser extension/website hybrid has been on the market for a year and a half helping users save copies of entire webpages into a searchable library accessible for later viewing. Over that time the website has undergone multiple revisions while trying to find its footing in the rocky, ever-shifting, terrain that is the internet. A forum was added, new visuals were created, and new functionalities were coded in. Now it is time for WebSatchel to take off its proverbial training wheels and become the tool it was intended to be.

"We are very excited to finally be out of beta", Igor Kuzmin Cofounder of WebSatchel announced on Twitter earlier in the week. "It has been great fun seeing our community grow over the last year and a half and we look forward to creating the best service we can for our users. There are many features in the pipeline which we think will make WebSatchel all the more useful to our users.".

WebSatchel started out with just allowing users to save a complete copy of any webpage on the internet using their browser extension. Once the page was saved the user must visit WebSatchel.com and log in to view their pages in the "My Satchel" tab. People no longer need to be at the mercy of the fickle whims of the internet. They can take control of content and save it. Since then there have been multiple quality of life updates to the website such as additions of Tags to help organize the saved pages, an improved search bar, and collections.

"We want our users to view WebSatchel as a kind of knowledge base," Kuzmin said in a recent email. "Users are building their own mini google with WebSatchel. There are other tools out there that might be able to save a copy of a webpage but that's not what we are about. Everyone should have a repository where they can store information that they find on the internet and keep forever. Not only keep forever but be able to search through it easily and find relevant information quickly."

With all the recent updates it looks like WebSatchel is headed in the right direction. With a loyal fanbase and an unmatched user experience, WebSatchel seems to be finding a home and - more importantly - an identity in a landscape occupied by giants such as Evernote and Pocket.

It will be exciting to see what 2020 brings for WebSatchel.


Source: Nick Lambert
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