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Podcast Parody Salutes Trump's Third Indictment

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The Suffolk and Goode Players release a parody song "Re-Indicted" to mock the former President's most recent federal indictment

RICHMOND, Va. - PrZen -- The Suffolk and Goode Players have released a satiric musical parody, "Re-Indicted," following the news of former President Donald J. Trump's indictment on federal charges by Special Counsel Jack Smith. Based on the 1978 hit "Reunited" by Peaches and Herb, "Re-Indicted"  features the vocals of voice actors George Washington III and Lori Furth as the duet, and Dale Leopold reprising his "BS de Resistance" and "My Friend Lyssa" podcasts' role of former President Trump, with music performed by multi-instrumentalist and voice actor Chris Mezzolesta. Leopold created the lyrics. Leopold and Lyssa Graham, along with Mezzolesta, Washington, Furth, Karyn O'Bryant, Dustin Ebaugh, and Rebecca Davis make up the Suffolk and Goode Players, a collective of voice actors from around the country who are the lead players in the podcasts "BS de Resistance", a political satire, and "My Friend Lyssa," a sketch comedy show. Both shows offer original music in nearly every episode, with lyrics by Leopold, Furth, and Graham, music by Mezzolesta, and vocals by various members of the cast. The quick creation of "Re-Indicted,' on the heels of the Special Counsel's announcement, shows the experience the group has with creating new music on the fly. "Basically we saw the memes floating around that seemed extremely appropriate, and we thought that we should jump on fleshing it out into a full lyric!" says Mezzolesta. "Dale jumped right on that and I started listening to the original recording to get a feel for how to construct the musical backing. Then with everybody's input we threw together an instant parody! Good, fast, *and* cheap!"

Even though it is a parody, Mezzolesta wanted "Re-Indicted" to be true to its source material. "I thought it would be important to not cheap out on the backing and try to evoke that late seventies smooth R&B sound as best as possible," he said. "Having a bunch of virtual instruments at hand as well as guitar and bass really helped."

"Re-Indicted" is streaming on Bandcamp, where listeners can find all the original music and songs from "My Friend Lyssa" and "BS de Resistance." Physical media for both shows can also be ordered from the site.

Dale Leopold

Source: The Suffolk and Goode Players
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