Personal Development Seminar Series: The Empowerment Project with Jeffrey Miller

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New Metro Detroit Seminar Series Based on the Inspirational Book by Emmy-Winning Broadcast Journalist Jeffrey Miller: The Power's Inside - How to Control Your Destiny and Win In the Game of Life!

DETROIT - PrZen -- Drawing on the wisdom gained over the course of his Emmy award-winning career, as well as examples from the thousands of students who have been transformed through his classes, Jeffrey Miller, is hosting a series of personal development seminars for free at the Northwest Campus of Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD), 8200 West Outer Drive in Detroit.

The seminar series is based off of his latest book: The Power's Inside: How to Control Your Destiny and Win In the Game of Life, which is available on Amazon.

Miller, who is the Director of The Empowerment Project, is working in association with the Continuing Education Division of WCCCD.

"I am pleased that my transformative book has come to life through this series of seminars conducted twice per month at the Northwest campus of WCCCD. My intention is that they are illuminating," said Miller.

The dates of the series are on Thursdays from 1 to 2pm: 10/27, 11/10, 12/8, 1/5 and 1/19.

'The Empowerment Project with Jeffrey Miller Seminar Series" offers a treasure trove of concepts, guidance, strategies, tactics and tips on how to maximize individual potential to unleash individual greatness.

Each 60-minute seminar focuses on a timely topic from Jeffrey Miller's book, 'The Power's Inside' and illuminates concepts from his 30-hour Course, 'The Empowerment Project with Jeffrey Miller'. Conceived as a fifteen -session package, the Seminar Series will provide a step-by-step blueprint to follow that's loaded with practical guidance, proven strategies and action steps that produce personal enrichment. Among its many nuggets:
  • The true meaning of Personal Empowerment
  • How to turn curiosity into your superpower
  • A unique perspective on goals and objectives
  • Effective Communication; life's essential ingredient
  • How to identify the dream stealers and avoid their traps
  • What produces the ultimate competitive advantage and how you can get it
  • How to block fear, lock out doubt, increase confidence and boost self-esteem
'The Empowerment Project with Jeffrey Miller Seminar Series' is a FREE Program that will engage the entire WCCCD community including residents, instructors, students and staff in an enlightening dialogue on how to unlock potential, control destiny and supersize success!

About Jeffrey A. Miller:
Jeffrey Miller is CEO of Jammin II Incorporated, the educational media company established more than thirty years ago, to help balance mainstream media's one dimensional depiction of the African American experience.

As the Executive Producer, Principal Writer and On-Air Talent of Jammin II Inc.'s video productions, Jeffrey Miller and his team earned two Broadcast Emmys, two CABLEACE Awards and eleven nominations for outstanding programming achievement from the National Academy of Arts & Sciences and the National Cable Association.

Since then, Jammin II Inc. has worked with Michigan agencies, schools and non-profits to design and implement an educational program for citizens stuck on the bottom of society's barrel. For the past fourteen years they've facilitated a Self-Actualization and Personal Empowerment curriculum, designed to change the mindset of failure and alter the culture of ignorance that leads to 'the under'. Currently he serves WCCCD and its Chancellor, Dr. Curtis L. Ivery, as an educational media consultant.

'The Empowerment Project with Jeffrey Miller'â„¢ is about personal uplift through knowledge. It's about becoming competent, capable and confident. It's about handling conflict, communicating effectively, building healthy relationships, embracing responsibility, and learning how to take care of business. Our Programs provide direction, motivation and offer a bold fresh approach. For more info visit,

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