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Peernovation Identifies Four Root Causes for 2024's Toughest Leadership Challenges

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Company launches new online resource to meet the demands of an evolving workplace.

CARLSBAD, Calif. - PrZen -- Peernovation, LLC announced the official launch of a new website focusing on the root causes of the toughest challenges facing leaders in 2024. These challenges range from improving employee engagement, creating alignment, and facilitating greater productivity to removing silos, and operationalizing learning & development, among others. Their root causes are one or a combination of the following: Clarity, Communication, Collaboration, and Capacity. The new online resource, which espouses an inclusive leadership approach designed to help companies discover and own their solutions, can be found at Peernovation.biz.

"In 2022, when Grammarly/Harris revealed that US companies alone were losing $1.2 trillion annually because of ineffective communication, we immediately understood this was a global problem that wouldn't improve on its own. Why? Because according to the findings, business leaders and knowledge workers believe they communicate effectively," Certified Peernovation coach Karen Floyd said. "Since then, our team of coaches has focused on pinpointing and treating the root causes of workplace communication challenges rather than the symptoms. We provide leaders and teams with the frameworks and models to help them help themselves."

Peernovation, introduced in the book Peernovation: What Peer Advisory Groups Can Teach Us About Building High-Performing Teams (2020), was based on an extensive study of high-performing peer advisory groups/forums for CEOs and business leaders worldwide. Today, the company works with forums and organizational teams and has certified coaches across five continents who deliver Peernovation in multiple languages.

"Peernovation may be new, but it's proven," Peernovation Founder/Managing Partner Leo Bottary said. "Peer•no•va•tion (pir-n-v-shn) combines the words peer (people of like status) and innovation (creativity realized). It's teamwork of the highest order. Peernovation comes from the practices and models that have guided the highest-performing CEO peer advisory groups for more than 60 years. By facilitating intentional conversations among team members using our models, we help leaders meet the challenges of what's next on their terms."

Peernovation, LLC is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA. The company and its team of certified coaches take what CEO peer advisory groups and forums have been doing so brilliantly for decades to help organizational teams meet their toughest challenges and achieve new heights.

Leo J Bottary

Source: Peernovation, LLC

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