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Parasol Labs on a mission to overcome the logistical challenges of breastfeeding & toxic baby formula with liquid sterilization technology, "STRL"

Parasol Laboratories
Company retains Black Dog Venture Partners to accelerate growth.

ORLANDO, Fla. - PrZen -- Parasol Laboratories Incorporated announced their first innovation, STRL, perfectly encapsulates this vision. A liquid sterilization technology, STRL is designed to overcome the logistical challenges of breastfeeding. By reducing exposure to heavy metals and bolstering the global supply of breastmilk, their goal is to ensure every child enjoys the benefits of breastfeeding for the crucial first two years.

In March 2023, Co-founders Teagan Padelford and Ahmed Munoz ignited the spark of Parasol Labs, a flame that had been kindling since 2020. Their shared experiences of their families' individual battles with chronic illness spurred a commitment and passion that propelled them into action.

Their journey commenced during an unprecedented global pandemic, a time of vast uncertainty. They found themselves disillusioned with the biotech industry's response, particularly its disregard for base human needs. A critical formula shortage marked their moment of epiphany—They could no longer stand idle.

Venturing deeper into these issues, they uncovered a disturbing truth—the presence of heavy metals in baby food. This revelation, coupled with Ahmed's mother's deteriorating health, further steeled their resolve to create meaningful impact across the globe.

Parasol Laboratories Founder & CEO Ahmed Munoz commented on the inspiration behind STRL, "My mother was diagnosed with Lupus at four, and the doctors attributed her immunocompromised state to the presence of heavy metals in her mother's blood. My co-founder was poisoned by Gerber at 10 months, and my COO suffers from health issues that are directly linked to heavy metals exposure. Since 1973 the same players, in the same game, making the same product have been held unaccountable, either by policy or meaningful financial penalties. These conglomerates & their solutions are over-funded & under-innovated – Parents have never been offered an alternative to make breastfeeding viable in the long term, nor have the issues plaguing global supply been addressed. We are doing this because we are angry and tired of five to six generations being peddled the same poison with no remediation."

Founder & Chief Science Officer Teagan Padelford added, "These corporate giants are not only selling white powdered sawdust disguised as food, but they're turning out record profits, while shoving poison down the throats of the new generation."

The company also announced that it has retained St. Petersburg based business accelerator, Black Dog Venture Partners (BDVP). BDVP's CEO Scott Kelly to become an advisor to Parasol.

About Parasol Labs

Parasol Labs, born out of a shared passion yet grounded in science, stands as a testament to human resilience and a beacon of hope for a healthier future. At its core, it embodies a meticulous pursuit of innovation, marrying humanistic values with scientific precision. We strive to bring transformative change to the biotech industry and to people worldwide. Through Parasol Labs, we continue our commitment to a future where our love for humanity and the precision of science coalesce to redefine healthcare. Learn more at https://www.parasollabs.org/

Scott Kelly

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