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Olivia "Grace" Friedman Appointed to Board of Advisors with Controversial Futuristic High-Tech Company

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Their CEO overheard Olivia on a nationally broadcast and syndicated radio station in Boston, MA. "Why Investing in Women is Good Business" was Olivia's topic, just as Elizabeth Warren announced her dropping out of the race, for President of the USA. "High level entrepreneurship for women begins with big corporations opening their doors." is the quote that moved this high level, CEO of a large corporation to have a member of his team to contact Olivia. She has now been...

CHICAGO - PrZen -- "Vastly untapped potential." is what Olivia "Grace" is. Having been said as being far ahead of her time, a futurist of the "Third-kind", Olivia and her team are themselves, working on technology that trumps the likes of the minds of Bezos and Elon Musk. Olivia's mind technology software she once abandoned, realizing she'd opened "Pandora's Box" with mind technology and audible frequency or brainwave sensors, is a real game changer for such entities as DARPA and DOD as a whole.

One of the original visionaries of the Institute of Higher Global Studies (since 2002), Olivia, an honorably discharged United States Navy Doc/ Hospital Corpsman has received requests for her brand new service to launch in just under two weeks, to address some of the issues loved ones are encountering as a result of Covid-19. She's always right on time, with three years in the making - online court mediation training and client conferencing software launching just weeks prior to the Coronavirus outbreak. Perfect timing indeed! Check out the company she is the visionary for as well as acting CEO on LinkedIn by "following" them either by clicking here, or by clicking the company link above. As for the company where she sits on the board of advisors, they are secretive and privately owned.

Another of their services to launch within a month or less, involves services that is sure to bring a bit of peace, and some level of closure to families around the world, suffering from great losses as a result of Covid-19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QelfUdmCkm0

Olivia is known to care about all people and was considered the "High Priestess of the United Nations" after praying a non-denominational prayer, just prior to the 2016 International Day of Sport on April 6, 2016 where she was to appoint the International "Voice of Youth Sport", Michael Montgomery; former professional NFL ball player with the Green Bay Packers. The same day they voluntarily surrendered their event space to the security council for an emergency meeting, to address the Aleppo bombing that happened, just as her prayer commenced. She says it was International day of Youth Sport on April 6, 2016 at United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan, NY.

As a former United States Navy medical services member, Olivia is known as having pioneered virtual funeral services for the military, all across the USA and around the world, with Forbes and Remmington with two m's, to ease the pain of family members who lost service members yet had a ceremony with none of the deceased's precious remains. Olivia assisted these families by leveraging contacts and her skills as a woman in tech, who also happens to be Chief Information Officer of the Year Award 2020 Candidate. "We are ever so proud of Olivia. She is both resilient and brilliant" says former employee Dana Sharpe. Olivia created virtual funerals, capturing memories of the loved ones of others, in ways they fancied best, usually including pictures from their official military funeral proceedings.

She's won awards and has come a very long way since the United States Navy. She's known for helping, sometime without initial pay, within small businesses. Olivia is open to two more positions on boards of advisors in tech, business, medical, or military. She's what many have dubbed as... the "Secret Weapon" of savvy business owners.

Olivia does not see limits, despite growing up in the poorest slums in Chicago as a young girl. Having started her first business at seven or eight years of age, we already knew she had something special, business potential. "We too as women, must be a part of the change we seek." She referred to the story her grandmother used to tell her, about Madame C.J. Walker, and how she would always say, Olivia reminded her of C.J. as a super successful businesswoman in the making. She said she went on to recall the story of how Madame C.J. suddenly – unannounced, crashed Booker T. Washington's meeting with an all-male audience, to introduce herself and her business opportunities for both men and women of color. "How can you have a group or a community preaching on diversity, that is not diverse itself? How can men not, be a part of the dialogue, the debate?" asks Olivia of her own group, as I sat in the next room while she briefly opened up an event; multitasking since she also sat thereafter, while I interviewed her.

Olivia is offering one Free "I Survived Coronavirus" or "I Survived Covid-19" t-shirt to each of the next 25 orders, since she also acted quickly and claimed a few rights to sell Coronavirus merchandise and other classes, under her brand.

Olivia "Grace's" goal is to birth a newly branded conversation so to speak, where men and women alike, as heads of their fields, from different cultures, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds, will act as powerful voices - to make this women's equality movement, a reality.

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