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NYC Parole Lawyer Announces Dismissal of Parole Violations Charges

New York Parole Lawyer Michael S. Discioarro, Announces Dismissal of Parole Violations Charges Against Client

NEW YORK - PrZen -- Being on Parole in New York can sometimes be like walking a tightrope.At any time, your parole officer can violate you and send you back to prison. Also, anyone case call your parole officer and allege that you have violated your parole. It is a system that is routinely abused and the innocent parolee is the one that pays the price. The case of V.P. under case number 842959 was such a parole violations case. The client was alleged to have violated curfew and not reported police contact while being charged with a weapons offense.

After a thorough review of the case and a presentation to the Parole judge, the Department of Parole agreed to reinstate him to Parole." This was great with for our client. He's a wonderful young man who the system did not treat fairly." Mr. Discioarro said.

Each year, thousands of people are charged with Parole Violations. This can range from not reporting to your parole officer to being charged with a new crime. The major problem that occurs is that The Parole Department can arrest you and send you back to jail and you have very little legal protection. There is no jury to decide innocence or guilt. It is an administrative hearing that can result in years of jail time. The most disturbing cases are the ones where allegations are made by a third party against the person on parole. Many of these involve false domestic violence cases. It is imperative to obtain legal advice as soon as possible after the arrest.


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