Natural MinoxiMed Drops Fight Male Pattern Baldness

MIDDLETON, Mass. - Jan. 25, 2018 - PrZen -- After several years of research and clinical tests a group of scientists have invented a unique formula for treating male pattern baldness. The product has been named MinoxiMed and thanks to its amazing composition, it not only stops hair loss but also stimulates the growth of new hair. MinoxiMed is a blend of natural compounds as urtica dioica leaf extract, panax ginseng root extract, tussilago farfara leaf extract, achillea millefolium extract.

Urtica dioica is used for hundreds of years as an herbal remedy. It is known with its ability to ease the pain in the muscles and joints, and it is also effective in treating diarrhea, edema, urinary disorders, and prostate diseases. Applied externally, urtica dioica stregthens the hair folice, stops the hair fall, and fosters hair growth.

Besides its many health benefits as strengthening the immune system and anti-inflamatory properties, panax ginseng combats hair loss and stimulates hair growth in both men and women.

Tussilago farfara is the natural remedy for treating dandruff. Its anti bacterial properties make the herb anti septic for all types of external wounds, including insect bites. Tussilago farfara contains minerals and plant proteins which all work together to help hair recovery, improve elasticity, and promote hair growth.

Achillea millefolium is widely used for treating itchiness, scalp irritation, dandruff, and oily scalp. It has also been shown to combat hair loss.

MinoxiMed ingredients are mixed in proper proportions in order to provide the following benefits - to nourish and strengthen hair roots, to stop hair loss, to accelerate hair growth and to restore weak and damaged hair structure.

MinoxiMed is already available on the Asian online market. Detailed information about way of use, current prices and promotions can be found on product's official website.

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  • Emily Tugat:
    I am cancelling my order of 3 minoximed Emily Tugat
  • Benjy:
    The brand is minoxiMed does it contain minoxidil it did only mention herbal ingredients can you clarify? Thanks
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