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Music Producer Debuts Riveting Miniseries About a Pro Football Superstar Embroiled in Physical Assault Scandal

Jerome D, Producer, Actor/Author of Coach 'Em Up! Coquina Casa Entertainment
Music Producer, Musician and Actor turned-Author Jerome DeBose has flipped the script in his entertainment career with the launch of an exciting miniseries titled Coach 'Em Up

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - PrZen -- Touted as 'A Modern and Colorful Way of Reading a dramatic TV Miniseries', Coach 'Em Up! tells the theatrical story of Pro Football Superstar Dexter 'Zephyr' Parker, who, at the height of his career, is accused of physical assault. Almost overnight, Zephyr finds himself at the center of a scandal and a battle to save his name and livelihood. The only person he trusts for guidance and direction is his coach, who always has a winning game plan.

Allegations of domestic violence against pro football superstar athletes are nothing new. However, DeBose has turned a sensitive subject into an inspiring page-turner. The author captures the reader's attention from start to finish with an engaging, even-paced story. Far from the average novel, the book is written in a colorful pseudo-script form that designates a specific color for each character and their dialogue. This unique style brings the story to life and takes the reading experience to another level.

With an entertainment career spanning nearly three decades, DeBose is no stranger to spellbinding plots and surprising twists. He has built a career managing vocal artists and musicians, producing recorded music, live shows and producing and directing music videos for his company, Coquina Casa Entertainment. Although the Coach 'Em Up! series is DeBose's first project, the depth and creativity of the story gives no indication to the level of his experience as an Author. When asked about the motivation for writing the series, DeBose explained: "The story of Coach 'Em Up! started out as a five-minute stage skit for myself, and two other students in my Performing Actors workshops. The pandemic disrupted the classes and everything else. With time on my hands, I continued to work on the script and soon realized that it was far more than five minutes. I wanted to stop, but the dialogue and plot flowed like an unstoppable stream. I couldn't help but continue to write as the characters and conversations developed into a complete book."

Coach 'Em Up!
is fully endorsed by ESPN Sports Director Jimmy Lee Starling Jr.
He said: Jerome has written a miniseries that not only captures a different reading audience, but he has done it in a way that brings the characters to life with the color coding for each person in the story. Coach 'Em Up! will have you wanting to see what happens next with the character Zephyr and waiting to see how it all works out for him. For Zephyr, it's not just about the game. It's about the game of life.

Coach 'Em Up
! is not a book about sports. In fact it's a microcosm of life that will cause readers to reflect on the situations that can change their life for better or worse. The series is available in paperback and eBook formats on the author's website and on Amazon, Walmart, Apple Books, Books-A-Million, Scribd, Rakuten Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

For further information, visit: https://CoachEmUpSeries.com

Media contact: Jerome DeBose

Email: CCEG@mail.com

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