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Minds + Machines Group Limited Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

SEATTLE - Nov. 27, 2018 - PrZen -- Minds + Machines Group Limited (LSE:MMX), the owner and operator of .luxe, along with a world class portfolio of top-level domain assets, is delighted to announce that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world's largest open source blockchain initiative. As a member of the EEA, MMX will collaborate with industry leaders in pursuit of ethereum-based enterprise technology best practices, open standards, with a special focus on naming conventions on the blockchain. .luxe, which entered General Availability on November 6, is the first top-level domain to be launched that was specifically designed to allow names in the extension to resolve both on the world wide web and within Ethereum based services.

Toby Hall, CEO of MMX, commented: "Naming conventions are at the core of gaining consumer trust. We believe name based identifiers that can resolve both on the world wide web and the Ethereum blockchain have a fundamental role to play in improving trust and, in turn, the seamless integratration of blockchain based solutions into everyday life. We very much look forward to working alongside EEA members."

With more than 400 member companies, the EEA membership base represents a wide variety of business sectors from every region of the world, including technology, banking, government, healthcare, energy, pharmaceuticals, marketing, and insurance. The EEA's industry-focused, member-driven working groups are each tasked with creating and delivering specific advancements to the development and use of ethereum-based technologies.

About .luxe

.luxe is an ICANN approved top-level domain that is owned by Minds + Machines Group Limited (LSE:MMX). It is the first top-level domain that has been specifically designed to operate both on the world wide web and the Ethereum blockchain. This means the same name format (eg. myname.luxe) can be used in two separate universes – for example, as the user's email and web address on the world wide web, and as their wallet or  DApp address on Ethereum. Equally a .luxe address can be used on a stand-alone basis in either environment. Further information on .luxe and its global network of distribution partners can be found at www.join.luxe

About The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

The EEA is an industry-supported, not-for-profit established to build, promote, and broadly support Ethereum-based technology best practices, open standards, and open-source reference architectures. The EEA is helping to evolve Ethereum into an enterprise-grade technology, providing research and development in a range of areas, including privacy, confidentiality, scalability, and security. The EEA is also investigating hybrid architectures that span both permissioned and public Ethereum networks as well as industry-specific application layer working groups.

EEA will collectively develop open industry standards and facilitate collaboration with its member base and is open to any members of the Ethereum community who wish to participate. This open-source framework will enable the mass adoption at a depth and breadth otherwise unachievable in individual corporate silos and provide insight into the future of scalability, privacy, and confidentiality of the public Ethereum permissionless network. For additional information about joining EEA, please reach out to membership@entethalliance.org or visit www.entethalliance.org.

Toby Hall, CEO
Christa Taylor, CMO

Source: Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

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