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Mask Company Wants To Give Away Protective Masks

Miranda, Annalee and Kathy Three sample hoods The Untouch Logo
Untouch Personal Safety Products offers anyone the chance to be a hero's hero.

O'BRIEN, Fla. - PrZen -- A month ago, Wayne Hicks was concerned about the risk of COVID-19 infection. He's in a high risk age bracket, has some health issues and knew that he was going to need to be cautious, but sometimes he has to leave home for one reason or another. Going out means risking infection, so he and his wife Kathy came up with something to help.

"We read about homemade masks, but there's still the possibility of getting infected by touching your own face," Wayne says, "so we took that into account and made a hood that would keep me from it. We all touch our faces all the time without realizing it, but that's what makes it dangerous—not thinking about it."

When he wore the hood out into public, however, he got a surprise.

"All of a sudden, I had people asking where they could get one, and I offered to make a few at cost, but then we realized there was a real demand and need for these things, so we started the business."

Since then, the hoods have been made public on their website and on eBay, and will soon be available on Amazon.

"Then we thought about all the people who work out there in the public," Kathy says, "like store clerks and EMT's and doctors and nurses and everyone else, and we decided we want to help them get these hoods. We had an Indiegogo campaign we had started to raise some capital, but it didn't do much, so I suggested we make it a way for people to get the hoods for the heroes in their own lives. We made the donations just enough to cover our costs, and people can get a digital coupon they can give to whoever they want to give it to. It will let their loved one get a hood to help keep them safe, and we'll even cover the shipping cost."

The Untouch Personal Safety Hood sells for $26.95 plus shipping, but a donation of only $20 will give one to someone who needs it. They have recently added a Positive Pressure Hood that uses a battery-powered fan to draw air through a HEPA filter into the hood, making it cooler and safer still. That hood goes for $64.95 plus shipping, but a $50 donation can get one for your own favorite hero.

You can find the chance to get one for someone you care about at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/free-protective-masks-for-the-heroes-in-our-lives#/ or visit the company's website at https://untouchpsp.com for more information.

Wayne Hicks

Source: Untouch Personal Safety Products
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