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Lee Enterprises Consulting Announces New Experts From Around the World

Wayne Lee, CEO
World's Premier Bioeconomy Consulting Group Adds Eight New Experts

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - PrZen -- sLee Enterprises Consulting Inc., the world's premier bioeconomy consulting group, is pleased to announce the addition of eight new experts to its team of world-renowned experts.   Wayne Lee, our CEO, notes that the addition of these experts continues the firm's growth strategy, both geographically and in bolstering newly evolving areas.  "As the trend toward renewable fuels and chemicals, and sustainability in general, our business continues to expand rapidly, and these additions expand our ability to continue to rapidly deploy teams worldwide in a timely manner," says Lee.  The newly added experts are:

Dr. Rebecca Powell-Doherty, (Biotechnologies, Biomedical, Biopharmaceuticals, Molecular & Cell Biology, and Translational Research).  Based in the U.K., Rebecca is a senior fellow at the University of Oxford Antigen Discovery Group and leads multiple projects emphasizing the movement of biomedical technologies from bench to bedside.  She has a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Biology and over 15 years of experience in biomedical science, emphasizing autoimmune disease, molecular and cell biology, and translational research.

Dr. Lew Christopher (Bioprocessing, Pulp & Paper, Biomass, Fractionation, Biofuels, Biomaterials, Enzymes, Waste Valorization & Biorefinery Assessment).  Based in the U.S., Lew has 30 years of experience in the bioconversion of biomass and has held faculty positions in the U.S, Canada, and South Africa. He serves on many editorial boards of international chemical and biotechnology journals, advisory boards, and professional societies, and is a well-known expert in bioenergy assessment for federal agencies (DOE, USDA, NSF, and EPA).  He has a Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering (Wood Science and Technology).

Dr. Cristian Muhrer (Process Analysis, Modeling, Simulation, Chemical Processes, and Air Separation).  A native of Chile, Cristian has over 35 years of experience in process modeling and simulation, and more than 20 years of experience at Air Products, leading projects to improve the operation and control of chemical processes, revamp processes, and in the design of air separation plants. Having worked at Aspen Technology, he is well versed in advising customers how to streamline the engineering workflow and optimize operating processes. He has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering.

Dr. Hans Van de Pol (Biotechnology, Sustainability, Biobased and Biodegradable Plastics, Safer Chemicals and Ingredients, Natural Fibers).  Based in the Netherlands, Hans has over thirty (30) years of global experience in the chemical industry for many well-known companies and is an experienced product development and business expert with a track record in bioplastics, biobased chemicals for investment banks, venture capitalists, and private equity houses.  He has a Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry.

Dr. Mirela Tsagkari  (Early-Stage Cost Estimation, Techno-Economic Analysis, Funding, and Construction). Based in Greece, she is a certified Cost Estimation Professional who assists clients in selecting promising processing pathways and helping decision-makers in allocating funds and budgeting for viable biobased projects. She has a Ph.D. in the development of rapid cost methods for evolving biorefineries and an MEng. in Chemical Engineering.

Xavier Jeanjean  (Fine Chemicals, Supply Chain Risk Assessment, Product Cycle Management, and Pricing Strategy).  Based in France, Xavier has spent more than 30 years in executive positions in the fine chemical industry and CDMO's.  He is a member of the board of Syndicat de l'Industrie Chimique Organique de Synthèse, the French fine Chemical and Biochemical professional association, and a former member of the steering committee of Framochem (HU) and Wychem (UK)  for some time. He is a graduate of Organic Chemistry (ESCOM Paris, F) and Process engineering (UTC Compiegne, F), and has a Master's Degree in Strategic Management.

Bryan Kinderman (Renewable Diesel, Ammonia, Solid Catalyst Alkylation, RINs, Tax Credits, LCFS, and Pathways for CARB and RDU into California and Canadian Provinces). Based in the U.S., he has worked in the refining, chemicals, and Renewable space for over 30 years including leadership positions with Sinclair Oil, KBR, Clariant, and UOP. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and an MBA and is currently focused on the renewable diesel value chain, from bio-feed sourcing, conversion, catalyst, and distribution to the US West Coast and Canada.)

Rus Miller (Decarbonization Project Development, Technology Assessment and Deployment, Organization Development, and Strategy Implementation.)  Based in the U.S., he has a long track record in project development of things like the world's first circulating fluidized bed electrical plant, cellulose to ethanol and citric acid technology, and deployment of the world's largest sewage sludge to fuel conversion project. He has a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering and has done technology assessments and business development in China, Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Netherlands, Israel, South Africa, and the U.K.

ABOUT LEE ENTERPRISES CONSULTING, INC:  Lee Enterprises Consulting was founded in 1995, and has since grown to become the world's premier bioeconomy consulting group with over 150 bioenergy and biochemical experts worldwide. The group's experts are world-renowned leaders in their field selected based on their education, experience, and reputation, and have done thousands of projects worldwide.  Lee Enterprises Consulting is divided into sections including biofuels, biomaterials, biochemicals, feedstocks, technologies, land & natural resources management, food & livestock production, and hemp.  LEC can provide hundreds of services including business & financial, technical & engineering, project management, legal & regulatory, and a variety of highly specialized services like due diligence, market research, risk analysis, litigation support and techno-economic analysis. www.lee-enterprises.com.

Wayne Lee, CEO

Source: Lee Enterprises Consulting, Inc.

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