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Lantek Global Release 2019 launches with a focus on production management efficiency

Lantek Expert offers the most advanced nesting algorithms & machining strategies
Over 40 new features for the design and cutting of metal parts and production planning included

CINCINNATI - March 7, 2019 - PrZen -- Lantek Sheet Metal Solutions, a global pioneer in the digital transformation of companies in the sheet metal and metal industries, announces new features in the latest version of their software solutions. The launch is included in Lantek Global Release 2019.

Lantek includes over 40 new features focused on production management and the integral automation of facilities. The new release allows clients to extract and use data generated during daily factory operations so they can optimize their processes and analysis, while enabling correct decision-making.

"In the current connected world, it's no longer questionable that data is the raw material that enables progress in development. It adds value to mark the competitive advantage in the market", states Asier Ortiz, Technical Director of Lantek (CTO). "An important part of the efforts in R&D at Lantek has been aimed precisely at obtaining quality data from different vectors. This allows the integral control and management of any cutting machine and process, providing global visibility and raising the production levels and agility, while reducing complexity."

The release is loyal to Lantek's aim to help companies produce better and more efficiently, to use the latest technological advances (ie. AI, Cloud, machine-learning) and to give the machines greater connectivity and automation. Lantek Global Release 2019 provides users with the following improvements:

Lantek Expert: automation and traceability
Lantek has met the needs of a market that demands greater efficiency in processes and time saving on common tasks. Through constant collaboration with its clients it has over 40 general improvements available. They are united under the umbrella of its popular CAD-CAM 2D software for cutting sheet metal and metal, Lantek Expert.

Improvements include the innovative proposal for managing the destruction of holes, skeletons, and remnants, as an element to assist the operator in the evacuation of manufactured parts. Another improved area involves simplifying the workflow with automatic processes. Automating tasks is a constant, allowing routine processes to be concentrated and improving nesting groupings according to the customer's needs.

To resolve the identification and traceability requirements of parts, Lantek increased the possibilities for databases of parts, in addition to allowing sheet metal and remnants to be marked by QR codes automatically and semi-automatically. Lantek opens up a world of possibilities for encapsulating the information associated with the part that may even include the operations and characteristics that must be incorporated into the part once it is cut (color, processing, bending, etc.) In addition, Lantek has optimized data collection and control capacities, increasing the cutting machine database; which, at present, includes over 1,200 models from practically all manufacturers on the market, and the quality of production data.

Integration with design programs
The 2019 version has been renovated with the integration of the main design programs for the inclusion and management of 3D models for cutting and bending processes. This increases the programs and files available for use, incorporating all the main 3D graphic formats currently on the market. Users can now manage different bending parameters for each operation, such as bend length, bend angle, bend radius, K-factor, special bends, rotation or tool change. They can generate STL files which allow for 3D part viewing; DXF files, which allow it to be treated as a CNC; and LSTC files with all bending information.

Lantek Flex3d Tubes - increasing efficiency in tube cutting
The latest release incorporates new machine models which cover the various philosophies in tube cutting by laser. It achieves cutting optimizations depending on the mechanic capacities of the machine and simplifies cutting management in order to clean the tube, management of remnants, and evacuation of the part.

Lantek MES - how to manage production efficiently
Adequate production management and planning is another key to achieving success in manufacturing processes in the factories of the future. Lantek MES is the product that unites 19 significant new production management features. The objective: optimize production in several directions. Users can now see production planning fully, in real-time, with different views, sequences or Gantt charts, thanks to the new Lantek MES Monitoring module. It offers simplicity, power, and immediacy to keep daily production in the spotlight.

Added to this is a series of general efficiency improvements: nesting with sheet metal selection, entire production traceability, data collection, and improvement of data quality in more ranges of machines, reports, and filters.

"Our only aim with this full repertoire of improvements is to give Lantek solutions a new status in assisting production management in an even quicker and easier way. Thanks to the data tracking and analysis that we carry out, we are ready to bring intelligent manufacturing closer to a sector that needs to jump on the bandwagon of Industry 4.0 to remain competitive. In this sense, we have transformed our clients' needs into powerful manufacturing and management tools. This update is truly worthwhile." confirms Ortiz.


About Lantek Sheet Metal Solutions

Lantek Sheet Metal Solutions pioneered Industry 4.0 solutions for the Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry.  Their solutions include CAD/CAM Nesting, MES, ERP and they specialize in integrating software for Smart Factories. Lantek is globally headquartered in the Basque Country of Spain. Having over 30 years of experience, Lantek supports more than 20,000 customers in 100 countries. Lantek has offices in 14 countries. Lantek's U.S. Headquarters is located in Mason, OH.

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Source: Lantek Systems, Inc.
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