Jignesh Shah: The visionary entrepreneur with a dream

A leading entrepreneur and multi-faceted personality, Jignesh Shah is counted among the visionaries who have shaped the destiny of India. Through his hard working extraordinary capabilities, Jignesh Shah has extensively contributed to the development of the FinTech sector of India.

Jignesh Shah rose from humble beginnings to become a multimillionaire entrepreneur. Shah's journey towards success started the day he joined the Bombay Stock Exchange after graduating from an engineering college. At BSE he came in touch with the finance and capital world. But, Jignesh Shah's dream was to create people-centric new generation markets which was not possible while working as an employee of the Bombay Stock Exchange. To realise his dreams, Shah embarked on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur by creating his own firm, FTIL, which is now known as 63 Moons.

Within a short span of time, FTIL had carved a niche in the corporate world by virtually changing the face of India's FinTech industry. The company made significant contributions to the GDP and created millions of high-quality jobs for the youth of the country.

The success of FTIL spurred Jignesh Shah to launch the Multi-commodity Exchange and later on the National spot Exchange Limited. He also opened exchanges in India as well as on foreign shores. This created new opportunities thereby greatly contributing to the development of the country. Among Jignesh Shah's most remarkable achievements is ODIN, which was instrumental in capturing the second largest market share in trading terminal segment.

Unfortunately, Jignesh Shah's meteoritic rise to the top also earned him enemies who schemed to destroy his reputation. Recently, Jignesh Shah served notices to former finance minister and Congress leader Chidambaram, former bureaucrat KP Krishnan and the former chairman of the Forwards Market Commission Ramesh Abhishek. Jignesh Shah has accused Chidambaram of having mala-fide intentions and bringing FTIL down and to promote National Stock Exchange at the cost of NSEL

Nevertheless, Jignesh Shah has his own share of supporters and among these is  Ganapathy Lakshman Sharma, a marketing professional with over three decades of experience. In a study named "How Vested Interests Eroded the Best Make in India Story", Sharma has likened Shah's journey to that of John Galt, the protagonist of Ayn Rand's magnum  opus "Atlas Shrugged".

Jignesh Shah's contribution to the country is commendable and he has strong faith in the Indian judicial system. But it remains to be seen whether Jignesh Shah will get justice. Nevertheless, he remains a strong source of inspiration for millions of youth who want to do something for the country.stats
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