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Introducing MyAbroadMDs: Your One-Stop Shop to Ensure an Extra Level of Health and Safety Security This Holiday Season

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Limited-Time Offer: One-Week Membership for Just $25 with Code HOLIDAY25

NEW YORK - PrZen -- Amidst the backdrop of global political unrest and health challenges, MyAbroadMDs emerges as an essential travel companion, offering peace of mind and health advocacy for international travelers. This holiday season, MyAbroadMDs is making its comprehensive services more accessible than ever with a special one-week family/individual membership available for just $25.00, using the code HOLIDAY25.The offer is available through January 15, 2024.

The Importance of Health Advocacy in Modern Travel

As travelers explore the intricacies of global tourism, the demand for dependable and readily accessible healthcare is crucial. MyAbroadMDs meets this demand by offering a network of English-speaking medical professionals in over 150 countries. Our comprehensive services include managing health and travel documents, ensuring a seamless experience. Prior to embarking on their journey, MyAbroadMDs members receive a curated list of English-speaking doctors and local medical resources at their destination. This service significantly reduces the stress typically associated with finding healthcare in a foreign country, providing travelers with invaluable peace of mind.

Special One-Week Membership Offer

In response to the heightened demand for secure travel health solutions, MyAbroadMDs introduces a limited-time offer: a one-week family/individual membership for only $25.00 with the promo code HOLIDAY25. This offer is designed to give travelers, particularly those staying in non-traditional accommodations like Airbnb and VRBO, a taste of the safety and convenience MyAbroadMDs provides.

Cori Cohen, CEO and Founder of MyAbroadMDs, states, "Our membership is a game-changer, especially for families and individuals staying in Airbnb or luxury properties abroad. We bridge the gap between travelers and local healthcare, ensuring everyone has access to the medical support they need, whenever they need it."

Comprehensive Membership Benefits

A MyAbroadMDs membership equips travelers with an array of services, including:
  • Curated Doctor Locator: Before travelers leave for their journey, MyAbroadMDs provides them with curated health resources at their vacation destination and access to English-speaking doctors worldwide.
  • 24/7 Chat Support: Round-the-clock access to staff at MyAbroadMDs.
  • Specialist Identification: Tailored assistance in finding medical specialists.
  • PIMS Management: Secure management of personal health and travel documents.
  • Wellness Shop: A selection of health essentials ideal for travel.

Enhanced Support for Student Travelers

Recognizing the unique needs of students studying abroad, MyAbroadMDs offers a specialized semester-long membership for just $59.00. This membership provides students with all the benefits of the standard plan, ensuring they have the support and resources to manage their health confidently while focusing on their studies and cultural immersion.

Activate Your Membership

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, visit https://myabroadmds.com/members/ and enter the promo code HOLIDAY25 at checkout. Experience the peace of mind and empowerment that comes with a MyAbroadMDs membership.

As we approach the holiday season, MyAbroadMDs stands as a beacon of security and health empowerment for international travelers. Embrace this opportunity to travel with confidence by taking advantage of our special one-week family/individual membership offer, and our semester-long student membership.

About MyAbroadMDs:

MyAbroadMDs is a trailblazing global healthcare platform, redefining travel healthcare by offering accessible, comprehensive solutions for travelers worldwide. Founded with the vision of making health a priority in travel, MyAbroadMDs stands at the forefront of empowering travelers to manage their health confidently and securely, regardless of their destination.

Our Mission:At MyAbroadMDs, our mission is to transform the travel experience by integrating health advocacy into every journey. We believe that health security is an essential part of travel safety, especially in today's rapidly changing global landscape marked by political instability and health crises. Our services are designed to provide peace of mind, ensuring travelers can focus on the purpose of their trip, whether for leisure, work, or study.

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