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How Voice Assistants, like Amazon Alexa, are transforming the delivery of healthcare

Voice Assistants in Healthcare
Join the MassMEDIC and Macadamian Technologies for an executive web briefing on the role that Voice Assistants can play in the delivery of healthcare.

BOSTON - PrZen -- Consumers have adopted virtual assistants by the millions to control their home environment, be entertained, and get answers to a variety of questions. This new modality is particularly attractive when your hands are busy or you simply are away from your phone or PC.

"Millions of people around the globe are using voice assistants in their everyday life. It is clearly a technology that has the potential to be a tremendous asset to healthcare and the administration of care. We're excited to learn more about how it's being used by MedTech and healthcare professionals." Brian Johnson, President, MassMEDIC.

As the virtual assistant platforms evolve, consumers will be looking to leverage them to better manage their care. What are the early opportunities in leveraging voice in patient-facing digital and connected healthcare solutions? What are the pitfalls and risks? How do you manage patient privacy and security? What are future opportunities for voice as the platform evolves and matures? What are clinicians facing opportunities that will emerge?

"Voice technologies are a new means to communicate with our patients and health care providers. This invisible interface offers great opportunity but must be designed for end-user success from the outset. Designing for ease of interaction and communication is critical for human-to-system understanding." Ed Sarsfeld, Senior User Experience Researcher, Macadamian Technologies.

Join us on October 10, 2019 at 1 p.m. EST to hear Healthcare Director, David Box  and Senior User Experience Researcher, Ed Sarsfeld from Macadamian Technologies deliver this briefing session on Voice Assistant technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Home to explore how this should be considered as part of an overall innovation and product management strategy:

  1. The key opportunities to leverage voice, focusing on the benefits over existing modalities.
  2. The challenges with voice assistant technology today,
  3. The key user experience design and system architecture approaches to make the most of the technology as it currently stands.
  4. Explore practical use cases demonstrating applications for the technology in the changing landscape around value-based healthcare.
To take advantage of the free online registration, please visit http://bit.ly/2l77SnW

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Source: Macadamian Technologies
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