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FBI Operation Bullpen conviction in question by Private Investigator decades later after the Sports Memorabilia fraud federal investigation

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Stan Fitzgerald Stans Sports Memorabilia retained a private investigator to look at decades old evidence from FBI Operation Bullpen. The investigation yielded confirmation the Fitzgerald was coerced into a confession and exculpatory evidence shows his innocence.

CALDWELL, N.J. - PrZen -- By Patrick Collis Spartan Investigations:

In October of 1999 Stans Sports Memorabilia was subject to the execution of a search warrant by the FBI. The case was dubbed "Operation Bullpen". Stan Fitzgerald plead guilty to fraud 58 months later after the raid. Questions now are raised by Spartan Investigations as to the validity of the conviction.

Spartan Investigations recently reviewed FBI Operation Bullpen evidence on Stans Sports Memorabilia. The high-profile investigative firm reviewed polygraphs, bank records, attorney documents, exculpatory evidence and tape recordings from 23 years ago which strongly indicate Stan Fitzgerald was wrongfully convicted and he was a victim, not a co-conspirator, said Patrick Collis.

Aside from the shocking exculpatory evidence withheld by the FBI, which leads any reasonable person to have doubt on the conviction, we have also confirmed bank records show that the Bradley Beach NJ condo which was seized by the government was NOT paid for with business funds. The home was purchased with personal savings therefore proving the Government forced Fitzgerald to lie in court just for the purpose of taking the home. This alone should outrage any citizen.

"People think this information is out now because we have a movie release this fall relative to FBI abuse titled "The Fall Of Deceit" and we want to sell tickets. First note this is extremely painful for my family to have me discuss this and second note that I am donating any gains from the film to Legacy PAC so not an opportunistic move on my part," said Stan Fitzgerald

"58 months of threats by the federal government would break anyone to admit to something they were innocent of."
— Patrick Collis Private Investigator

WATCH The Fall of Deceit Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a61XckBw9w&t=6s

Patrick Collis

Source: Spartan Investigations
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