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Electives, Inc. significantly expands instructor community

Electives uses a stringent process to source, vet and curate traditional & nontraditional instructors that deliver unforgettable learning experiences

BOSTON - PrZen -- Electives, the enterprise live learning platform that is helping people grow and connect by bringing the world's experts – the known and the unknown – into their lives, more than doubled its instructor community in just a year.

The Electives instructor community now includes more than 150 people sharing real-life experiences and leadership lessons as they teach impactful topics in an unforgettable way. Electives sources and vets both traditional and nontraditional instructors with a proprietary, multi-step process designed to ensure quality and impact. Electives instructors have diverse backgrounds and include professional athletes, LGBTQ+ advocates, Navy SEALs, professors, financial therapists, spy recruiters, business leaders and more.

"When we started Electives, there was this assumption in the market that corporate training must be delivered by people called 'corporate trainers,'" explained Jason Lavender, Electives Co-Founder and CEO. "But, we disagreed. In the past two years, we've expanded the definition of who can be a corporate trainer by being more inclusive of all backgrounds and experiences. It's not about titles or fancy degrees — the only thing important to us is teaching effectiveness."

The Electives process for sourcing, vetting and curating instructors includes the following four steps:
  1. Community sourcing: Electives instructors are sourced through top-of-the-funnel research, word of mouth and referrals.
  2. One-on-one interviews: All prospective instructors are interviewed to ensure their authenticity and expertise while confirming their content and teaching styles align with the Electives mission and our current needs.
  3. Pilot classes: Prospective Electives instructors that are approved to move forward must each teach a pilot class. The Electives pilot community provides qualitative and quantitative feedback on the instructor and content, which determines whether or not the instructor is added to the Electives platform.
  4. Ongoing performance: Once instructors are live on the Electives platform their classes can be viewed and booked by Electives partners. Instructors must maintain high survey scores from learners to remain on the platform.

Because the process to become an Electives instructor is intentionally selective to ensure quality, in 2022, only a small percentage of prospective instructors interviewed by the Electives team were activated on the Electives platform. Once Electives instructors are activated, they must maintain a high net promoter score (NPS) to remain on the platform.

As the first enterprise live learning platform connecting the world's experts with people-centric companies, Electives is the best source for quality instructors who have been vetted and repeatedly proven to create engaging, inclusive, interactive and memorable learning experiences. Electives supports HR, people operations and DEI leaders sourcing training across a variety of essential business and diversity-focused topics. Classes are offered as private Electives classes and within Electives learning tracks. Private Electives classes are designed for teams of 15 people or more, while Electives learning tracks are cohort-based and bring together people from across organizations and industries for a series of topic-specific classes.

Go to www.electives.io to browse the Electives library of live learning.

About Electives, Inc.

Electives is an enterprise live learning platform that is helping people grow and connect by bringing the world's experts – the known and the unknown – into their lives. Electives offers live learning that is inclusive, interactive, impactful and unforgettable by leveraging its proprietary process for community sourcing instructors. Electives instructors are real people sharing real life experiences and leadership lessons, vetted for their ability to tap into the human desire to learn, grow and connect. Combining its live learning experiences, diverse community of instructors, industry-leading support and all-in-one learning portal, Electives delivers measurable impact and is creating a community of people that craves more learning opportunities. Learn more at electives.io.

Kathy Bryan

Source: Electives

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