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DnD-Inspired Fantasy/Comedy Series, 'The Game' Debuts Pilot Episode with Highly-Anticipated Exclusive Premiere

The Game: Premiere Event The Game: Red Carpet Premiere The Game: Premiere Party Guests Still from The Game; Copright - Ion Tong Still from The Game; Copright - Ion Tong
Series Boasts Inclusive Character Representation, Combatting Stereotypical Fantasy Demographics

LOS ANGELES - PrZen -- 'The Game,' a DnD-inspired fantasy/comedy series, recently premiered its highly anticipated first episode, now also viewable on YouTube, at a special launch party in Santa Monica. Setting itself apart from other shows in the same space, 'The Game' boasts inclusive character representation and a diverse creative team, led by a team of female producers who have created a series that breaks down traditional boundaries of the demographics associated with fantasy.

Created by the award-winning team of Lauren Henning, Maggie Jorgenson, Matt Curtin and Amanda Sonnenschein, 'The Game' brought together their cast, crew, industry influencers and press to celebrate the release of their pilot. The event, which also featured a live DnD game, and an opportunity for audiences to explore the 1800s Scottish Speakeasy set, was live-streamed by two major TikTok stars:  Mars Mignon and Matt Curtin,  who collectively reach over 2.4 million followers on social media. Attendees included Kalpana Pot (Grey's Anatomy), Shaan Sharma (The Chosen), and Charles Carpenter (Birds of Prey). The premiere also featured a red carpet, an exclusive screening of the pilot, multiple booths with DnD-inspired swag, a staged reading of Episode 2 performed by the cast, and a Q&A with the director and producers.

"This was more than just a screening of Episode 1 -- with all of our incredible sponsors, vendors, and fans, it felt like a celebration of TTRPGs and chosen families. This was a major step for our show in building our community." --Lauren Henning, Co-Creator of "The Game"

'The Game' brings a relatable story of community, friendship, and belonging to viewers' screens, bolstered by robust fantasy production design and impressive visual effects. An ensemble adventure-fantasy comedy, the series follows Brandon Wynter, a child prodigy who published a fantasy novel at age 15 and then dwindled into obscurity. Now in his late 20s and fresh from a painful break up, Brandon puts out a Craigslist ad in a desperate attempt to find fellow tabletop role-playing nerds like himself. When five people respond, Brandon gets the group together to play, hoping to lead a one-time game without too much investment. However, the players are full of questions and opinions, and the curmudgeonly game master gets more than he initially bargained for. Audiences follow the players both in real life, and as their fantasy counterparts in the supernatural realm, as they embark on a daring and heartfelt journey towards understanding and acceptance of one another and, most importantly, of themselves.

"It never gets old watching very different people figure out how to do something together with a shared interest.  It's like the basis of every superhero movie these days.  And with our show, it's almost like each character came out from an entirely distinct corner of the internet." – Amber Li, "Astrid/Sasha Slaughterkill"

The diverse team of creatives has put an emphasis on inclusivity, and is excited for audiences around the world to see their boundary-breaking representation of fantasy. With future episodes to come, 'The Game' will continue to rise in popularity as an example of progressive filmmaking, and the possibilities of future trends in the space. For more information about the innovative team behind 'The Game,' visit their website, IMDb, and socials.

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