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Designer Ivey Abitz Empowers Women with Joyful History Inspired Collection

Cynthia Ivey Abitz Painting - Liberté Ivey Abitz 2022 Summer Look no. 1 Cynthia Ivey Abitz Painting in Studio Ivey Abitz Artists
Designer Cynthia Ivey Abitz is defying the gloomy news of war, democratic decline, and the pandemic by creating a summer clothing collection full of 100 joyful outfits, 227 designs, 73 fabrics, and 17 original paintings.

NEW YORK - PrZen -- The new Ivey Abitz summer collection, "100 Looks of Summer," seeks to empower women with joyful clothing.

Artist/designer Cynthia Ivey Abitz looked to art from the first world war and the 1918 pandemic to see how artists countered the trials of their time.

"The undeniable parallels between life one hundred years ago and life today resonated with me," said artist/designer Cynthia Ivey Abitz. "I looked to bold palettes and positive messages from the past for hopeful clues about how to endure the present."

Ivey Abitz went one step further by adding inspirational directives to her paintings. She chose credos that drive her own life and artwork.

"While reading the news, it often feels like the world has derailed, and I need to be reminded of the basic tenets that I believe give a life purpose and meaning," Ivey Abitz explained. "My hope is that the clothing Ivey Abitz creates and puts into the world will be a guidepost on the path to living everyday life with intention."

Part of living life with intention for Ivey Abitz comes in the form of keeping her business small and local. The clothing is made in New York by a select few tailors who adhere to a high standard of quality. Garments are sold directly to customers through IveyAbitz.com.

"As an artist, I savour each and every interaction with clients. They are wrapping themselves in my creations, and I consider it a great honour. That willingness to live within a work of art is a big part of the definition of success for me," said Ivey Abitz.

Each Ivey Abitz garment is made only when a customer orders, which reduces waste and overhead. Ivey Abitz believes her garments are the antidote to fast fashion and a source of daily joy for those who wear them.

"It is essential to clothe ourselves in aesthetic ideals and to be kind to our bodies and the Earth. Wearing Ivey Abitz is an act of defiance against the worldly woes that claw for our good humor each and every day," she said.

For Ivey Abitz, the key to reclaiming that good humor lies in wearing clothing that brings joy.

"My designs are cloaks of intent. They are the arms of the warmest, most caring embrace, saying, 'C'mon. Savor it. There is joy in the journey!'"

The Ivey Abitz 2022 Summer collection of bespoke clothing is sold exclusively at the designer's website, IveyAbitz.com.

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