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DeepTrend, Inc. Sponsors Scholarships for UAS Training at Volatus Group, LLC

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• DeepTrend, Inc. recently sponsored two First Responder & Veteran Scholarships for UAS training at Volatus Group located at the Pendleton UAS Range, Oregon.

PENDLETON, Ore. & HOUSTON - PrZen -- DeepTrend, Inc., a deep-water hardware engineering and manufacturing energy company in Houston, Texas, recently sponsored two scholarships for Veteran Ammarae Broncheau and First Responder Dottie Carrell to attend the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Professional Pilot Program (UP3) at the Volatus Group schoolhouse in Pendleton, Oregon.  Pendleton is home to the vast Pendleton UAS Range serving as a base for UAS training, development, and testing.

Broncheau, a Specialist in the Oregon Army National Guard, is leveraging her scholarship to "expand [her] knowledge base of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Autopilots." Dottie Carrell is a member of the Umatilla County Search and Rescue organization and expressed her excitement to learn and apply UAS technology to her SAR duties. "When my husband and I joined Umatilla County Search and Rescue, we were drawn to flying drones initially because, being retired we could not hike as far as we used to. As we got more involved with drones we saw how useful they can be, and how well they aid the searches," Carrell stated.

Founded in 2020, Volatus Group offers its students a two-week program to train the foundational elements required to operate unmannd aircraft safely in National Airspace. The Volatus Training Team has worked within the UAS industry in both military and commercial sectors for decades and leverage this knowledge to prepare students to be UAS operators for a wide spectrum of industries.  Companies and Government Agencies utilize UAS's to perform tasks such as linear and vertical asset inspections, mapping and surveying, aerial photography, law enforcement activities, search and rescue operations, military applications, and precision agriculture to name a few.

"As a career oil and gas service provider and aerospace engineer, I recognize the unlimited potential of UAS applications in the oil and gas industry and know the industry requires rigorous, methodical training to ensure future operators can achieve that potential," stated Matt Doan, owner of DeepTrend. "I offered these scholarships knowing that our Veteran and First Responder personnel are on the cutting edge of UAS operations and will serve as an extraordinary talent pool supporting the energy industry."  DeepTrend is partnered with the Volatus Group and their parent company, DelMar Aerospace, on multiple technology development projects."

Volatus Group is expanding its course offerings to include Flight Camp to provide students live flight training while performing mission-based operations relevant for commercial industries and government agencies.  Volatus Group has also worked extensively with the City of Pendleton and Blue Mountain Community College to develop future course offerings and to expand graduate employment opportunities.

Company Information:

DeepTrend is uniquely positioned to provide subsea equipment, interface management and installation expertise to subsea projects. DeepTrend's engineering expertise is in helping oil and gas companies specify, design, acquire, manage and install subsea deep-water hardware globally.

The Volatus Group is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business offering a variety of UAS training services to commercial and government customers and is a wholly owned subsidiary of DelMar Aerospace Corporation.

For more information on Volatus Group, DelMar Aerospace Corporation, DeepTrend, Inc. or the Pendleton UAS Range

Website: https://www.volatusgroup.com

Website: https://deeptrend.com

Website: http://www.delmaraero.com

Website: https://pendletonuasrange.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/volatusgroup/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/delmaraero/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pendletonuasrange/

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