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Dbvisit Announces Latest Release of Oracle Standard Edition Disaster Recovery Tool

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - PrZen -- Dbvisit today announced the release of their latest Disaster Recovery solution Dbvisit Standby Version 9.0.02. This release reflects the company's ongoing commitment to delivering a quality Disaster Recovery tool for Oracle Standard Edition (SE) DBAs.

This latest edition of Dbvisit Standby includes a new Automatic Failover function that is ideal for Oracle Standard Edition companies wanting to increase the availability of their production databases.

DBAs, and others who are responsible for managing a company's production and DR environments, are able to select from 3 options. 'Monitoring' mode, which includes alerts of potential issues or outages, a 'dry run' mode where a DBA can step through what would happen if the feature was fully activated, and full Automatic Failover mode, which will perform an Automatic Failover from the production to standby database when certain predefined criteria is fulfilled.

Anton Els, Dbvisit CTO commented, " With increased pressure on Oracle Standard Edition DBAs and IT teams to manage critical data, our product roadmap is now firmly focused on ensuring our solution enhances the DBA's toolkit but is flexible enough that they retain control in critical areas where experience will determine if automation is a good fit for their environment. We have however had many requests from DBAs for this Automatic Failover functionality and we have spent significant time understanding how best to architect this in response to that need."

Mark Otten, CEO of Dbvisit Software further added, "As more business departments such as sales, marketing and finance are demanding extended access to company data, DBAs are under increased pressure to ensure 24/7 availability across a range of environments. Traditionally Oracle SE has required manual scripts to set up and run a Disaster Recovery environment, resulting in lost time and money for businesses that experience outages. This latest version of Dbvisit Standby further expands on our mission to make life simple for Oracle Standard Edition DBAs, with an out-of-the-box toolkit that is simple to configure, and manage, but offers flexibility for DBAs."

Dbvisit develops, sells and supports innovative software that protects data stored in Oracle Standard Edition databases. Our solution Dbvisit Standby provides full Disaster Recovery capability for companies running Oracle Standard Edition databases, ensuring they can protect and access their critical data after unexpected outages, whether located in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises. Our latest version offers the web-based  GUI and Guided Help functionality in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese (both simplified and traditional).

We offer worldwide, world-class support and product training, and our trusted global partner network provides local consulting, implementation and other training services.

A 30 day free trial can be downloaded at any time.

Contact us for further information https://www.dbvisit.com

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