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CSC Motorcycles Announces The New RX1E Electric Motorcycle

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Arriving early in 2023, the new RX1E offers 80+ mph and up to 112 mile range per charge. Priced at only $7,995 when you pre-order.

AZUSA, Calif. - PrZen -- CSC Motorcycles Announces New RX1E Electric Motorcycle

Arriving early in 2023, the new RX1E follows the legacy of CSC's other successful electric vehicles: the City Slicker runabout, the efficient Wiz errand-runner, and the gorgeous Monterey scooter, as well as its full lineup of electric bicycles.

The new CSC RX1E is the friendly and efficient way to get into the exciting electric-vehicle market. The electric powertrain means you can turn your back on expensive gasoline, and its twist-and-go operation leaves the hassle of clutch control and gear selections to machines of the past.

The RX1E's upright ergonomics provide a comfortable and in-command riding position for the remarkably agile machine, making it ideal for the cut and thrust of navigating city traffic. A low 30.9-inch seat height makes the RX1E easy to manage, and it even has a reverse "gear" for assistance when maneuvering in tight spaces!

Three ride modes are available at the push of a button: Eco, Comfort, and Sport. When you have the need for speed, the liquid-cooled electric motor delivers a robust 61.2 lb-ft of torque at the twist of your wrist to vault the RX1E to 60 mph in less than 9 seconds. Top speed is about 80 mph, and electronic cruise control is a premium feature that is standard equipment.

A quality Bosch ABS system helps keep you safe, even on low-traction surfaces, and a durable belt-drive from renowned OEM supplier Continental provides quiet operation. A centerstand eases maintenance duties, but almost none are needed – there's no oil to change, no valves to adjust, and no noisy chain to lubricate.

Charging the RX1E is as easy as connecting to a 110-volt power supply. Simply plug in the bike at night, and you'll always have a fully charged battery in the morning. The 96-volt, 64Ah lithium-ion battery can be charged from empty to 100% in 6 hours. With 6.16 kWh of juice on tap, you can expect 112 miles of range, according to New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) standards.

The RX1E's adjustable suspension takes the sting out of bumpy, potholed roads. Up front is an inverted fork, while the rear suspension consists of an adjustable monoshock and a trellis swingarm that wouldn't look out of place on a high-end Italian motorcycle.

Behind the standard windscreen sits an LCD instrument panel that keeps track of speed, range, and the status of the battery and the motor controller. The cockpit includes a USB interface to keep smartphones fully charged along your journeys. The front brake lever is adjustable to suit different hand sizes, and feet are kept comfy by removable rubber inserts on the serrated metal footpegs.

Included with the RX1E are standard saddlebags and a top box providing 72 liters (19 gallons) of storage room for a variety of cargo items, making it ideal for commuting and running errands. Sturdy metal framework around the battery and saddlebags prevent damage in the event of a tip-over.

The RX1E provides a captivating and cost-effective way to join the EV revolution. Abandon expensive maintenance and the oppressive heat that accompanies traditional motorcycle engines – and never again burn a leg on a hot exhaust pipe! The RX1E is the perfect vehicle for urban commuters who can ride for just pennies per mile and leave gas stations in the rearview mirrors.

The RX1E will be available in Spring 2023 in a choice of three colors for $8,495. Pre-orders accompanied by a $500 deposit will receive a discount of $500 from the MSRP. If you are unable to pick up your motorcycle at our California headquarters, it can be shipped to your door for between $350 and $500.

Learn More About The RX1E By Going To CSCMotorcycles.com

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