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Conquering The Last Great Taboo: Incontinence

New OTC liquid formula ReJoice® tackles the subject of incontinence, and wins BIG!

LYNBROOK, N.Y. - Nov. 28, 2018 - PrZen -- Nutritional Designs, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of two new products: ReJoice® and ReJoice Plus®, the only OTC liquid supplements for the treatment of incontinence and nocturia.* These extremely common issues cause many women and men to retreat from their social lives and often suffer in silence due to embarrassment, pride, or lack of information.*

ReJoice®'s success is based on the additive benefits of its clinically proven five all-natural active ingredients. ReJoice®'s patent pending formula contains HyperPure Pumpkin Seed Extract, which contributes to bladder control and health for men and women, as well as mitigating prostate issues in men.* Lead pharmacist at Nutritional Designs, Inc., Mike Allen, R. Ph. spent three years developing this signature blend.

Roughly one in three women of varying ages experience incontinence at some point in their lives; many postpartum women experience leakage from the pelvic floor dropping during a vaginal birth. Incontinence can also be due to pelvic floor dysfunction, low Vitamin D3, constipation, Diabetes, BPH stages I & II (enlarged prostate), and contribute to many other deficiencies. ReJoice® takes all of these conditions into consideration.

The prevalence and commonality of ailments among the elderly, especially those in nursing homes, led Allen to seek solutions to improve their quality of life. "We wanted to solve a serious problem that affects between fifty to one hundred million Americans. When you see patients sitting there, uncomfortable, each day, you have to do something," he says. His years working as a pharmacy consultant gave him the experience and drive to put the Medical Bowel Accountability Program (MBA) into action, a strategic and meticulous program designed to track patients' dietary intake to prevent constipation. The MBA program has been a success, and as a result Allen was emboldened to take on another common issue: incontinence. With ReJoice®, Allen has put an arrow through the heart of it:
  • ReJoice®­ strengthens and restores the pelvic floor and urethra, creating a long term solution for a distressing problem.*
  • A once daily liquid dose of ReJoice® makes it an extremely easy and discreet solution.*
  • All natural active ingredients offer users a safe, drug-free alternative to prescriptions.*

ReJoice® is offering a special introductory promotion to buy two bottles for the price of one! Use promo code BOGO18 at checkout on ReJoice4OAB.com.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nutritional Designs, Inc.'s clinical dietitians and registered pharmacists have extensive experience designing nutritional products for the healthcare industry for over 33 years.  To learn more about ReJoice®, Nutritional Designs, Inc. and issues pertaining to incontinence, visit their website here.

Heather Lang
Director of Marketing
Nutritional Designs, Inc.

Source: Nutritional Designs, Inc.
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