Common Cathode can reduce power consumption for LED display screen

With the economic growth, LED display screen has got fast development, it was always a difficulty to reduce power consumption for LED display screen, until last year (2018) when the technology of common cathode was developed. The technology of common cathode is to divide Red, Green and Blue, then accurate to provide power supply for them respectively, for example, the Red requires 2.8V, Green and Blue require 3.8V, then provide them the accurate power respectivity, to keep them work under optimal state. While for ordinary LED display, it is to common anode technology for power supply, the common anode is to provide an unified power for them, such as 5V, it would cause a lot of power wastage.

The current of common cathode technology is flowing from LED chips to the negative pole of IC driving, which can reduce the voltage drop. It has improved the electric use ratio, to save a lot of electric cost for clients. The LED display screen which is to utilize the common cathode technology can reduce power consumption up to 75%.

As the utilization ratio of LED display has got improved, the heat generation would be decreased inside display module. Therefore, the heat generation of common cathode LED display is lower than ordinary LED display, it also can save the cost of a fan.

Common cathode is a new technology, by this technology to reduce power consumption, it can save a lot of energy without reducing its brightness.

Currently, the common cathode technology has been utilized for aluminum module LED display, both of their characteristics can create a high standard LED display product in market.

Presently, LED display screen can be viewed in everywhere, it has become urban symbol, where the more LED displays being listed, where is the city center. The manufacturing technique of LED display has got mature, the power consumption reduction will become main development in near future, especially for outdoor big size LED screen, energy-saving can avoid clients to pay high electric cost.

Some expert forecasted that the common cathode technology would facilitate the development of big size LED display screen. Most of big size LED display is utilized for advertising, which can stimulate product consuming in market, and the product consuming would revert to push the development of big size LED display which would accelerate the technological R&D. So far, there are many creative LED displays having entered into market to meet more personalized requirement. Namely, basing on the technology of common cathode, more big screen LED display would have incentive to be created. If the technology of common cathode can combine with aluminum display module, that would be perfect solution, because aluminum display module has the advantage of great heat-conductivity, it can dissipate heat insider display module to out of module fastly, which can keep aluminum module LED display have long lifespan. On the one hand, it reduce power consumption to save electric cost for clients, on the other hand, it can reduce heat generation and fast dissipate heat, which has got the nice solution for LED display screen.stats

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